Ladies, Sex During Pregnancy Is Good For You! Don't Shy Away From It.

Ladies, pregnancy sex is definitely something to look forward to! No, I’m serious. In the first trimester of pregnancy you might often feel extreme fatigue and nausea, with no room for pregnancy sex. But it is during the second trimester, once the vomit-inducing hormones fade that lust comes into the picture due to your very own hormones.


The love hormone, oxytocin, is ample throughout pregnancy and can increase the need for intimacy and pregnancy sex. Also, the heightened levels of the hormone estrogen throughout pregnancy leads to increased blood flow and secretions in the vagina. This is known as the Chadwick's sign - the swelling of your vaginal canal and clitoris, combined with increased lubrication, which can really intensify your orgasms.



Now you might still be a bit hesitant, worrying that pregnancy sex will harm your baby or might bring on early labour. But what if the doctor tells you that these are just silly and trivial myths? Still don’t believe me? Here are some pregnancy sex myths busted!








So in reality, pregnancy sex can be very beneficial in many ways:




Regular pregnancy sex can help keep your pelvic floor muscles toned and strong to help you deal with labour. It also helps restore blood circulation in the body. It also increases the level of IgA antibodies in the body that boosts immunity. It helps in bonding with the partner and causes a surge in endorphins that helps an expectant mother to sleep better to fight fatigue.


So ladies, don’t shy away from pregnancy sex. It’s good for you!

Recommendation: Consult your gynaecologist for advice in case of any questions. It is best to decide based on your doctor’s recommendation.  


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I wish I knew this before


This is just in time

asha chaudhry

super awesome article!!!!!

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

thank you so much asha chaudhry 😊

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

jeevitha rajendran- still time is there,,, you can enjoy with your doctor's consent 😉😀

Asha Gowda

Hi m 4 week carrying; sex is good or not

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

@Asha gowda you can have if your doctor is okay with this and no risks are there

Prashanthi srikanth

Its just it time

Farah Siddiqui

I wish I knew this before


Gd information

Vidhi Desai

This is just in time

Shefali Shetty

This is just in time


I wish I knew this before


What about sex in first 3 month

Yashu Chaithra

Can I have sex at this time? Is it safe for me and my baby?

Kanika paltani

If ur ultrasound shows low lying placenta in anomaly scan then u need to avoid sex as it's not safe
If u feel a lot of urge then masturbation over clitoris is fyn that's it

Rohini Shikhare

I m 7 weeks pregnant and have no vomitting at all. Is it normal


I wish I knew this before

Kavitha dileep

Im planing to get pregnant..; taking medicine also, , atcly I have PCOD; prblm nd thyroid also,,; if I conceived is any problems arised little bit of confusion plz any one help me

Priyanka Jain

This is so well written.

Priyanka Jain

Thanks for confirming


nice article...thank you ....


Informative article


Hi mam mere se ak glti ho gai muze ak tab vagina main rkhane ke liye di thi maine glti se wo tablet kha liye plz muze abhi 3month complete ho gye hai plz muze suggest kro mere baby ko kuch harmfull effect nhi hoga na ussase


Sounds like so much fun.

nidz sahu

pregnancy m chicken kha sakte h kya


pregnancy m pizza Kha skte h kya


Can we had sex after 3 months is it safe Dr



Comment image


Come on everybody chatpati baaton k sath chatpta fooD😋

payal jain

mensis occur in 1st temster is OK or not

Bablu Idrisi

Patnar ka santust na hona


Pregnant hue 6 week ho gya sex ker sakta hu ya nhi?

Gayathri Suvarna

y happen infection at vegina ? on pregnancy

Raj Vaishnav

बहुत खूब लिखा गया है


Hindi m


I wish I knew this before

Himadrita Pal

This is so well written.

jaseena Ghouse basha

This is so well written.

Juhi Ojha

What about sex in last trimester

Monisa Chatterjee

Right lower abdomen cramping occasionally... Is it ok?? It's my 7 weeks

Rajiv Kumar Thakur

बहुत खूब लिखा गया है


I wish I knew this before


I wish I knew this before


Thank you shilpitha ma'am...
This cleared a lot of doubts.

Mr Rajput Chauhan

Kiya 3 month after sex karna theek hai


Amazing article.... thanks


Till what week we can have sex

Chirag Oza

Hi my wife is pregnant and Dr said that have twins but they are not allowed to make physical relationship so is it good or not

Eeshita Dekhane

Thanks for sharing

Radhika Rakesh Vemula

I am 6 months pregnant, does it safe to have sex

Amol Wankhede AW

How many days after pregnancy can sex

Swati Swabhimani

This is just in time


Hi if i have had an fet is it ok to have sex once the beta hcg is positive n i am 6-7weeks preg ?

Priyanka Dasgupta Singh

I m 8 week pregnent is it safe to have sex??

Ehmed nasu

My wife is 12 weeks pregnant it's safe to have sex

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