Ladies, Sex During Pregnancy Is Good For You! Don’t Shy Away From It.

Ladies, Sex During Pregnancy Is Good For You! Don’t Shy Away From It.

25 Oct 2017 | 2 min Read

Dr Shilpitha Shanthappa

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Ladies, pregnancy sex is definitely something to look forward to! No, I’m serious. In the first trimester of pregnancy you might often feel extreme fatigue and nausea, with no room for pregnancy sex. But it is during the second trimester, once the vomit-inducing hormones fade that lust comes into the picture due to your very own hormones.


The love hormone, oxytocin, is ample throughout pregnancy and can increase the need for intimacy and pregnancy sex. Also, the heightened levels of the hormone estrogen throughout pregnancy leads to increased blood flow and secretions in the vagina. This is known as the Chadwick’s sign – the swelling of your vaginal canal and clitoris, combined with increased lubrication, which can really intensify your orgasms.



Now you might still be a bit hesitant, worrying that pregnancy sex will harm your baby or might bring on early labour. But what if the doctor tells you that these are just silly and trivial myths? Still don’t believe me? Here are some pregnancy sex myths busted!








So in reality, pregnancy sex can be very beneficial in many ways:




Regular pregnancy sex can help keep your pelvic floor muscles toned and strong to help you deal with labour. It also helps restore blood circulation in the body. It also increases the level of IgA antibodies in the body that boosts immunity. It helps in bonding with the partner and causes a surge in endorphins that helps an expectant mother to sleep better to fight fatigue.


So ladies, don’t shy away from pregnancy sex. It’s good for you!

Recommendation: Consult your gynaecologist for advice in case of any questions. It is best to decide based on your doctor’s recommendation.  


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