Know How Kindness Can Easily Be Taught To Kids

Know How Kindness Can Easily Be Taught To Kids

Kindness does not come naturally to Kids and the  good thing is- It can be taught, just like any other skill.


My Toddler does not love sharing things, which is not something  awkward as most of the Kids of his age are like that. At this tender age, Kids can be molded as easily as clay.


I was same when I was a Kid. I hate to share not only the things but the love of my Mother.


I felt jealous of my own Brother but with time, things had changed and I appreciate the presence of Kindness in my Life. My Mother always taught me to share, to be kind and to be generous to every human being.


I was amazed the other day when I bought two candies for my Son. I did not say anything nor I asked him to share them. I just handed them to him and he said 'I will give one to X and I will have the other one myself'. 



I assured, Kindness can certainly be taught.

I loved this story supporting the thought that Kindness can be acquired or learned-

An old man told a story to a kid of two wolves fighting inside of us, the good wolf and the bad wolf.

The kid asks : ‘’ which wolf wins?’’.

The old man replied : 'The one you feed the most'.


My Kiddo is just 3 and here are few things I do to imbibe the kindness in him:

  • To say Thank you each time he receives a kind act.
  • To give away food items to the poor people.
  • To share his belongings, even if he resist each time.
  • To try again if something does not turn out as per his wish, rather do not show anger by throwing or destroying.


A kind touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, a compliment, or a caring gesture- These acts reflects a Kind heart. You can practice these random acts of kindness together with your child from even a small age.


Not only for fellow human beings, teach them to be Kind with Animals, Birds, Nature and all other species.


And the perfect way to teach them the act of Kindness is by setting an example- When we act Kind, Kids observe us and try to imitate us in the best way possible.


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