5 Crafts That You Should Try With Your Child This Halloween

5 Crafts That You Should Try With Your Child This Halloween

Halloween is on 31st October.

It's celebrated in a huge way in western countries but in india too its craze has slowly picked up...with so many halloween parties happening I have combined few very simple art and craft ideas which can be done this halloween and best of all these can be used as props or decoration items in these parties.


So here are few simple ideas:




Siimply add goggle eyes, a hat and a broom made of straw..





Brown paper bags are very easily available and just fold them. You can either colour them or just add some stickers and other decoration items with big triangles cut for teeth and big circle for eyes.

This makes for a great puppet and can be used as prop.





Using a paper plate, cut out 2 circle for eyes. You can ask your child to colour it orange. Then make eyes, mouth and add a string behind.

Voila! Your pumpkin mask is ready.






This is another easy art idea.



Use precut figure and keep wrapping white wool around it...And your mummy is ready!!

These can also be used to explain various halloween characters and some stories.


Hope you had as much fun as I had while doing with my toddler.

Do tell me what you think about them.

Happy halloween!!


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