How I Got My Fussy Toddler To Eat And Potty Train

First steps

We started our child’s weaning journey at 6.5 months, and since then we have family meals every single day. What happened next is my son started getting more interested in food and he would be so curious to know what, why and how we are eating. So overall, weaning started off went very well.



Challenge #1 “No Chawal-dal when I crawl”

After a few months, my son started crawling. He was and still is a super active kid. It was getting difficult for me to keep him at one place every time during meal times.

He would cry inconsolably if stopped from whatever he is doing to have food.

He started refusing it all. He hated eating for a few days. Here’s what I tried.

I started keeping him on the kitchen platform while cooking. So that he could see whatever I was doing. He developed interest in cutting veggies, playing with dough, banging kitchen utensils. That was the place where I would tell him to toy and feel all the veggies and fruits.

While eating I would point out to the ingredients in his food that he had seen few minutes ago in the kitchen.

I am sure he didn't understand whatever I said of course, but it worked!!! Even on the days I didn't put him on the kitchen platform, he ate well.



Challenge #2 “No time for food, when walking is my mood”

By the time my son started walking, the denial for food phase came back again.

He would not play with toys or books. Nothing would make him eat.

As he had begun to understand things a bit, I used to tell him that he should not do this. I tried every  recipe I knew, but he was so attracted to the newly found talent (walking). It was getting difficult.

Here, babywearing came to my rescue. I would take him in a carrier, sit or stand in the balcony. Show him things and feed.

Tada! It worked. It worked even when he was sick and when he was teething.


Challenge #3 “He said no, but I had a plan to go”

My kid lost interest in food Again!!!!

He got sick for in between and just stopped eating anything. Even after recovering, he lacked interest in food.

I was running out of ideas but this time I was so sure that I can deal with this as I had done before. So I came up with a new idea - sticking posters of daily activities everywhere, at proper places.

I stuck a picture of a toddler doing potty on the toilet door. A helping poster in the kitchen and a sleeping toddler on the bedroom door.

It worked!! And it's still working!!



Whenever I want him to do something, I show him the pictures and tell him these are  your friends, they do things like this, you can follow them.

So now for me, it's just show a picture and let him do it!!

Even for the potty training I tried the same thing. Initially, he was very cooperative but then he would potty everywhere but.this poster worked and he would potty only in the toilet!!! Now eating and pottying are fun for us!!!

P.S. Don't know till when these will work. Better I come up with another idea soon!!


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Keshika Garg

Very innovative and great way to manage... Kudos to u mommy!!

Shruti Giri

Hey.. didn't know about this!!!
Thank you Baby Chakra !!!
Keshika Garg;; thanks dear..hope it helps!


This is so well written.

Gunjan Bhatla

Gr8 idea dear Shruti Giri. But my son doesn't understand till now. I tried alot n still trying.

Shruti Giri

Sangeeta Sihag(musicalmommy); thanks dear!!

Shruti Giri

Gunjan Bhatla; keep's all about never know exactly what works for you and when!! All the best!! N let us know what you did!!

Kamalini Rao

Hey Shruti Giri , such brilliant ideas... This is really helpful for me... Please share more such ideas dear... thank you.i will try these definitely

Gunjan Bhatla

Sure dear Shruti Giri

Shruti Giri

Kamalini Rao thanks kamalini.... Please try n let me how it worked 😍

Sonam patel

Woho.. Congratulations Shruti Giri

Shruti Giri

Sonam patel; 😘😘

Sirisha Bhalla

Congratulatuons.. amazing article.. helpful also.☺️

Priti Singh

Hv forwarded this to one of my frnd.. She was having a tuf time in potty training her kiddo ☺️

bhawna prajapati

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Shruti Giri

Sirisha Bhalla; thanks dear.... Happy to help!!

Shruti Giri

Priti Singh; ohh...that's great!!
Let me know if it worked!!!

Shruti Giri

bhawna prajapati thanks bhavna😍


Kya likha Hai..maan Gaye yaar...
It's on time....🙈🙊

Shruti Giri

Hehe Prachi ... please do try n tell us!!! Btw I tagged you!!!🤓

Shruti Giri

Keshika Garg; you already know this thing.... please give it a try n tell will get lots of interesting posters on internet.....

Sneha Varn

I hope dis is also work for my toddler

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