Babywearing During Festivals

Babywearing During Festivals

This time of the year means making sweets and savouries and decorating with rangoli, entertaining guests, doing pooja, travelling and all the festive merry making. Very often new parents are overwhelmed trying to put it all together and making sure their children are a part of it all with the aim to make it comfortable and peaceful, relaxed and happy. This is a time for relatives wanting to come and meet our kids and are tremendously happy to see them, however this can have its own challenges. If baby's basic needs of regular naps, feeds and if used to quiet are not met, the baby generally has a hard time keeping calm and being fuss free. As new parents, one also hopes that baby is not touched by one and all.

Babywearing comes to the rescue during this time.

1. When visiting relatives and places which are not babyproof and clean:

On visiting your relative's houses, that aren't baby proof, you want to keep your baby safe and away from breaking things. Babywearing keeps your child away from the fancy breakables and away from things like unclean floors in public spaces, malls and halls and keeps them safe.



2. When baby is Overwhelmed:

3. Napping time for baby gets easier and possible:

A supportive carrier like a Wrap which can support baby's head is an excellent way for babies to nap. If you put their arms into the carrier, it helps them snuggle up better and provides more security to the sleeping baby. The safety rules and TICKS being followed, babywearing is a great solution for parents who have a different schedule during the holidays. Often babies who are tired with the external stimuli get very fussy. Babywearing the child provides them a sense of safety and peace and allows them to fall asleep.



4. When you don't want people to touch your baby:

Babywearing is a great measure to ensure that all the people don't have access to touching the baby. Unlike with a child in a carseat or stroller, you have complete and immediate control of where the baby is at all times. If baby's arms are snuggled into the carrier, avoids others touching baby.

5. If breastfeeding your baby:

Most carriers like a Wrap allow for discreet NIP in the Wrap itself. Whether it's in a crowded place or away from home, babywearing allows baby to nurse often and easily when in the carrier. The festival time is typically the time when nursing schedules get disrupted. Babywearing allows for the nursing relationship to continue without much ado.



Babywearing is a great way to keep your baby safe and secure and calmer during the festival time.


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