Is your child’s school bus safe?

Is your child’s school bus safe?

2 Nov 2017 | 2 min Read

Swati Popat

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Ensuring your child’s safety in school is important but what about his/her safety once school is over? If you or a trusted person picks up your child from school, then there is no need to worry. But if your child travels by the school transport, then that’s one more place to check for his/her safety.


School transport safety has never really been looked into until now.  After the gruesome incident at a school in Gurgaon recently, transport service providers associated with schools are being thoroughly checked into. How can you as a parent be assured that your child is safe on his way home?


School bus safety:


All states in India have different safety policies for  school buses and some states don’t have any! So be informed and find out the safety policy followed by your child’s school bus.




Check whether the bus has a fire exit. Ensure that the school bus door is always closed when in motion. Does the bus have speed regulators? CCTV? It should.


Never ever bribe the bus driver, conductor or attendant, it will comprise their character and others will then break them too, which may compromise your child’s safety.  


For children under age six, do not insist on seatbelts because in case of a fire it will be difficult to rescue your child incase the belt gets jammed.



 Inform the bus staff never to leave your child if you or a trusted person are not at the bus stop and never to hand over your child to anyone if your are late.


The bus must have a first aid box and fire extinguisher and no male should be travelling in the bus except the driver.


Inform the school authorities if you or your child finds the bus driver speeding or observes any strange behaviour from the bus staff. Speak to your child about keeping safe in the bus as well.


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