5 Ways in Which a Husband Can Support His Wife During Pregnancy!!

5 Ways in Which a Husband Can Support His Wife During Pregnancy!!

Parenting is a long journey which begins with a woman becoming pregnant. It won’t be unfair to say that between a man and wife, it is the wife who shares the major load of this life changing experience. There is so much that changes in her life. Those 9 months of carrying and nurturing a new life in her being are not easy and can drain her physically and emotionally too. While the first trimester is spent battling fatigue, morning sickness and many hormonal changes, the last one is full of worries regarding childbirth (normal or c section) and life beyond that. It is a known fact that while earlier there were joint families and experienced people around to support a pregnant lady in the family, today most of the couples stay in nuclear set ups where support is very little or absent.


Thus, it is natural and imperative that a pregnant woman seeks her husband’s support and love during this time. A supportive husband makes his wife’s pregnancy easier. This not only helps in strengthening their bond and relationship in a better way but also prepares them to shoulder a very big responsibly together in future.


So, how can a husband help his wife during pregnancy? Below are 5 simple things which he can do.


  • Don’t expect your wifey to be the same: A pregnant woman’s body goes through many hormonal changes which may lead to mood swings (irritability), routine changes and even shift in preferences (craving for bizarre food items). Throwing up in morning or even during the day, feeling tired and sleepy at odd hours, lack of sex drive is normal. Accepting these things and supporting her through this physically and emotionally is a big plus which will make her feel relaxed.


  • Helping her with small things: Pregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s energy levels. The best support one can give is by sharing her workload and letting her rest more often. Doing a few household chores, helping her buy grocery, keeping things in an arranged manner and small gestures like these can be really relieving. If she knows that there is someone other than her who will look after a few chores while she rests, she will get time to look after herself.


  • Listening and being there when needed: The best way to support your partner during this time is to make yourself available when needed. Doing nothing and even listening to what your wife feels and wants to share can do loads of good in making her happy. It may sometimes feel that every talk or discussion your wife does these days revolves around her pregnancy, but your giving her a patient ear at this time is what she wants you to do.  Accompanying her for scans and check- ups, listening to her fears and concerns, talking to your unborn baby together, gathering information and planning things for your baby can instil in her a much needed confidence that she is not alone in this.


  • Surprise her sometimes: Who doesn’t like to get surprised sometimes. Becoming a parent can be a taxing experience for at least a few months or years to come. Life will not be the same once a baby arrives so, creating a few memories and living your life as a couple is what one can plan and do. Planning a dinner date, giving a surprise gift, cooking a meal for her, taking her out for a long drive and even going for a baby moon are few ideas which one can put to use.


  • Tell her that you love her and will support her: Love is the driving force behind every relationship and a couple may fight or disagree on things but the love between them keeps them together for a lifetime. Pregnancy makes a woman insecure in many ways. Physical changes in her body like weight gain, skin blemishes etc can make her feel sad, she may develop medical complications in the end , feel anxious about her delivery and worry related to taking care of an infant may make her fearful. Remember that everything is new for her too so telling her that she still looks beautiful, everything will go well, you will be there for her and the new born in every possible manner can help ward off her fears and insecurities in a big way.


Thus, these are 5 ways which I could think of and the ways in which my husband supported me while I was pregnant. Living through this experience together can be made very special. A little effort on the husband’s part can really create a world of difference for an expecting wife and help making these beautiful yet taxing moments memorable for a life time.


Happy Pregnancy!!


Source of banner image: livestrong.com


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