11 Mantras for Character Building Traits in Children

11 Mantras for Character Building Traits in Children

As a parent we all ensure to give our best facilities and upbringing to our children. A strong character is more important than a strong professional. No matter how successful we become but to retain that success, it needs a strong character!  


Below are the few things we must keep in mind from their childhood to start  character building.


Learn to enjoy simple things: In today’s materialistic world, we teach children from very young age that materialistic world is our source of happiness. They already have high exposure. Life is also running so fast that we forget to teach them to stay connected with life and be happy in the smallest of the things happening day to day. Why to wait for millstones to laugh and enjoy!


Be a self-motivator: We usually mistake as parents since childhood to make our kids learn to please others and encourage them with appreciation. Rather one should be a self-motivator and be able to encourage self. Have the power to kick start, even if the wind is in other direction. Such people make their own destiny.


Self-Control: Be the first one to monitor yourself and control on time, before anyone starts noticing your mistakes. It sounds difficult but a simple exercise done daily will help them throughout. Every night before saying prayers, put them in habit of recalling the day activities and judges themselves. Our conscious guides us. For all good deeds teach them to appreciate themselves and for the wrong ones have a correction plan. Believe me it’s a 5 minutes job and does wonders!!


Believe in one supreme power: We all teach our child about God as per our religion and beliefs. But need of the hour is to be a human first and to do this we need to simply take the onus of defining a single supreme power. Power that is greater than everything, power that makes us realize that no matter what heights we reach, this supreme power is above all and controls the universe.


Let go off: Teach them the principal of 80-20; 80% of situations are out of our control and only remaining 20% we can contribute to. So why get stuck with that 80% and burden ourselves. The sooner we learn to let go off things, we free ourselves to concentrate and focus on how better we can do in remaining 20%.


Acceptance: Accept people and situations as they are. We do biggest mistake when we think we can change someone. Always accept the difference and respect it. We could only change our behaviour and that gradually in return changes the response we get from others. This is important to change our environment. Respecting the difference bring people closer. If plan A doesn’t work, plan B might else try C, D or so on.  Just keep trying till we find the right one!!


Belief in self: There is nothing one can’t achieve! Impossible also says “I’m possible” Teach them not to decide their limits based on others opinion. Just be determined and focused to upturn any stone. It might take time and energy but no one can stop them from achieving their dreams, if they believe in themselves.


Always stay grounded: Make them realize that success comes and go but never lose your roots. If roots a week, it’s foolish to expect a strong tree! Everything is well planned in life by creator. Never forget people and situations, irrespective of the heights you achieve in life. Your experience will always help you take the right decision. Everything is set for a purpose.


Never give up: Success and Failure are two faces of same coin. So teach them to not loose heart when face failure. Rather take it as an opportunity to learn. Always get up and try again. Winning or losing doesn’t matter as long as you are part of the game. A negative thought will always pull down the energy levels!


Take accountability: Always be accountable for yourself. The easiest of all is to put the blame on others to excuse self from accepting a mistake. It is sign of a week character and such a person will never develop courage to fight and change the situation. It takes courage to accept but once accepted, heart is clear and you are facing the situation.


Art of detachment: Noting in this world is mortal but still we develop attachment to things and people. It hurts when the thread is pulled. Make them strong enough to detach according to the need of the hour. Teach them to move on in life. If they learn this art, they will never hurt themselves!  


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