I Lost Two Babies, But Never Lost Hope: My Story of Courage

My story of surviving cervical incompetence and becoming a mom


I am not sure if many of you know about cervical incompetence. Cervical incompetence is a medical condition in pregnancy where the cervix begins to shorten, becomes thinner and dilates long before the time of actual delivery date. In this condition, the uterus is not able to hold the baby due to a weak cervix. This is observed usually in trimester two.


I had read about this during my medical school days but never paid much attention to as it was not so important in exams.   


My first pregnancy

After marriage I got pregnant with my first baby; everything was fine till the 5th month scan where my cervical length was found to be a little less. My doctor and I thought it would increase later in pregnancy but after two weeks, the unthinkable happened. One night, when I was 19 weeks pregnant, I started bleeding, like during menses.  


I rushed to the hospital, the scan was done. We found that I had dilated and my baby was almost coming. Even though we all knew I had 1 percent chance of saving my baby with a cervical stitch, I went to a bigger hospital with better facilities which is 4 hrs from my place. I was immediately taken in for a cervical cerclage (stitch). From then, it was 1 week of horrifying days of complete bed rest , IVs,  injections etc.


The nightmare

After a week, we did a scan again. The baby had still come down, I was taken in for a cerclage again, back to ICU and 1 more week of nightmare. On my 22nd week that night, my water broke and I was in labor.

I knew I wouldn’t get to even see my baby with whom I had had long conversations, with whom I dreamt doing practically everything. I was devastated but wanted it to get over it soon. Again, I underwent a horrible labour; my stitches were cut to let the baby out.


Hope, then grief again

I came back home empty handed. Within a month, things normalised. I joined work and then I realised I missed my periods. I was pregnant again!


This time I was on bed rest from the start. Injections, medicines and a cervical stitch at 11th week, everything was administered in advance.  But at the 19th week, my cervical length was detected to be short, my os was open. Again the same nightmare, and I lost my baby the second time during the 22nd week.


The new me

This time, I felt completely hopeless as a woman, but my husband was strong and supportive. He started searching for a solution. I was very angry with myself. Being a doctor, I knew nothing.


As a doctor, many times I never imagined what a patient undergoes, I never knew how a smile or an assurance from a doctor or a nurse calms the patient.


I got back to work in 3 months time but this time I was not just a doctor; I was more understanding,  sensitive and compassionate . I was a better person. So I thought maybe God wanted me to be a better human being, he wanted to make me ready for being a mom .


At last

Then my hubby and I decided to do a Transabdominal cerclage where the knot is tied much higher. This procedure is not done by many doctors in india, but we went for it, got it done, I got pregnant after 6 months and delivered a healthy baby .


This is my journey to becoming a mother. There are so many women trying day and night to be a mom. I just want to tell you, have hope, there is a solution for everything. You just have to pursue it. I always feel faith and prayers work miracles. Many a times, we take what we have for granted. Never take your children for granted, there are thousands praying each day just to be a mother. We are the blessed ones!


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I am so happy an delighted...thank u for this Baby Chakra . I feel so honoured...thank u

Heart touching post. Thanks for sharing.


omg such a strong woman u rv

So courage u have...

Today I understood the importance of being a mother and how people r going such difficulties

Kudos Dr.Dhanya Prajesh !

heartwarming .. :(

heartwarming .. :(

Thank u so much everyone


Congratulations 😐

excuse me for the duplicate comments..i hv no idea why dis is happening

hi dear my story is same but ilost 3 babies 😢 idnt hv again courage to get pregnant;

@Dr Dhanya Prajesh your story is really very heart touching!!

Wow! Hope is the thing that dies last in a man...you're a living example of the saying Dr.Dhanya Prajesh ...such an inspiring and brave woman you are...

U echo my thoughts Dr.Dhanya Prajesh
I have lost babies ...n i know exactly how it feels. My kids heartbeat would stop every time i was at the 13-14 week of pregnancy. I pray to God may he never show this day to any woman whr she has to bear the loss of a baby...it never leaves ur mind.

so true...Children are so special.

Congratulations Dr.Dhanya Prajesh

So heart touching #Dr .Dhanya Prajesh .. people become strong and courageous by facing such difficulties in life..

I also lost my baby in first trimester. Feels very bad.

Thanks for sharing this post, this needs a lot of strength. Congratulations Dr.Dhanya Prajesh for over coming such a devastated situation ando being an example of strong woman.

Kudos mamma,it was all possible coz of ur positivity and belief .congrats

Lots of love to you.....heart warming....

After transabdominal cerclauge were u in bed rest?

hats off to you Dr dhanya prajesh.very heart touching post u have shared here . 👍👍

U are a brave woman :) one forms a bond with the baby the very moment of conception.. may god never make any woman go through this ever

Really heart touching.....thank u; for sharing u r expierence....

It moved me,
Me too have two uncomplete pregnancy,I lost my second baby in 6th month and my daughter's ques used to haunt me.
As she was waiting for her baby brother who could not open his eyes in the world.But she was my strength too.
I wish no mother in this world go through this.

So courageous and inspiring.. thanks for sharing

Ur post really touched me ... indeed blessed are the women who become mom

I understood d faith s evrythng


Many congratulations.You are a very strong woman.God bless you and your baby.

I am overwhelmed. My mom lost 8 pregnancies and always keeps reminding me to feel blessed for my baby! Kudos to moms like you. Fighters and survivors.

So courageous u are!!hatsoff to u!!U are fighter as well as survivors!!god bless u always !!Thanks for sharing !!

Motivational post

a grand salute to you mam

brave girl.you.are .....lots of.love ...keep strong and healthy .....enjoy evry moment as you do .hats off .

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