Zodiac Humour: November 2017

Mummasaurus at her sarcastic best!


November 2017 is the month of chills and thrills. While some parts of India gear up to welcome winters, some others are preparing for school holidays. This is the perfect break for busy moms and moms-to-be like us, since Diwali just went by, and Christmas is about to come. But will you get that desired break or not? Health, wealth, family, happiness?? What about it??

If you are someone who loves to read Zodiac predictions whether you truly follow them or not, then here is a list of predictions for all the 12  Zodiac signs with a hint of the typical Mummasaurus Sarcasm!


Some positive changes may finally happen this month. Some marital problems may come your way but you will be able to dodge them with ease. Just make sure to practice being the goalie already! You may have to borrow some money to meet your expenses or desires, so better start making friends with your spouse so that you can eventually convince them to empty their stash of money bundles for you.


The second half of the month will be a great time for you! So just behave like a piece of log in the first half. Some problems in relationships may emerge. Try to evade them or sit in a soup, you get to choose.  Use your good oratory skills to get good bargains and enjoy the financial situation that you will be in, during this month. Monetarily, you will be quite satisfied.


This month will give you above average results in whatever you do. So it may be a good time to start, or pump up an existing activity. Just think before you invest in a buffoon idea because it’s going to be “above average” not phenomenally lucky! Family and other relationships will be favorable this month and you will witness love and affection from all around. Beware as you may have to give them gifts around festivities to keep them happy. Relationship with younger brother may need attention though.  So it’s not the right time to take revenge for the silly Rakshabandhan gift he gave you this year.


The month will be average for the Cancer sign, and family relationships will be great, unless you are unable to control your attitude which may lead to arguments and disputes. But we all know how moody Cancerians can get so there’s not much hope for you. Your spouse will stand by you and understand you in all situations. Good time to team up and have the in-laws agree with you.


If you are amidst any legal complications, avoid engaging in them this month. Your aggression may worsen an existing situation with your spouse. Don’t overlook the advice of your spouse on family matters, because if you do, they’ll be ranting about it for the rest of the year. No one wants that. You may see some religious or other short journeys… no, not Goa.


This month is pretty much the best one for you through this year, if you use your capabilities, resources, energy and knowledge to their full use. So stop being lazy in case you are and start gearing up to invest everything you have into something more worthwhile. You would get great cooperation from your family and spouse. Your children will perform very well in their spheres, but be wary of their health issues. Avoid journeys or things that can keep you awake as you may find sleep issues this month. So bottom line, if you want to sleep, switch off your cell phone at 10:00 PM sharp - no more 'one last game'.


Expenses may remain high and may irritate you. You will see the good in this month but only in the first half. Not much would be favorable. So you better stop messing with your work colleagues. You may feel distant from your family and may not want to willingly participate in family activities. So better just spend most of the month sitting quiet or bandaging your lips. Sleeping for long stretches is also something you could consider... basically anything that keeps you quiet.


Family life may be average or even unsatisfactory. Do consider your spouse’s advice for financial reasons or they’ll block your credit card if you still use theirs.  Colleagues may not cooperate and bosses may not be pleased this month, so more reasons for you to eye his credit cards.


Your sarcasm may topple the equilibrium of your family. So this may be a good start to stop being a smart bum. Do not pick quarrels this time around, please seek a new hobby instead. That kind of nasty fun is not something you can afford this month.  Finances will be just satisfactory despite good responses, so don’t get over confident with your budgets. Do not share your secrets with anyone. Indigestion is likely to be a cause of concern so carry a room freshener to avoid breaking any existing friendships with that gas.


Finances will improve towards the second half of the month which will be enjoyable for you, which means that in the first half, you can only add things in your cart and not bill them. You will feel energetic and confident this month. So youmight as well get on to some exercise routine for god’s sake. Spare some time for restoration and relaxation… some time, not all the time you have.


Family life will be great as your children will support all your decisions. So you can finally decide on the immediate de-chocolatization in the house and enjoy all the returns made. Misunderstandings at work place, with colleagues and seniors, may arise but you will be able to sort them. Your spouse has a chance of getting ill but do take extra care of them this time around. Yes, you will have to!


This will be an average month for Pisces and family life may topple in the second half of the month. Your married life will be great in the first half of the month. Second half of the month will be slightly difficult for financial reasons as expenditures will remain high. So stop visiting all the online sites in the name of window shopping as you must really put a stop to all that binge shopping. Keep yourself cool and use relaxation techniques often. Assure yourself that the Handbag and Outfit combo you really like will stay in stock next month as well.


Astrology does not predict accurate results as these are just general predictions and a lot of this is in our own hands. If you enjoyed reading these predictions, do let me know in the comments section below.


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