Being a Work-From-Home Mom is Not Easy at All

Being a Work-From-Home Mom is Not Easy at All

7 Nov 2017 | 2 min Read

Radhika Swamy

Author | 4 Articles

The pros and cons of having a freelancer lifestyle.


Being a working mom is not easy- no matter how awfully shiny it looks on Instagram. I have been a Freelancer for the past 4 years and an exclusive work-from-home for the last year. Yes, the schedule is flexible, the hours are easier- but the deadlines and work pressure still remains the same. I have so many friends who think, “ Your life is so perfect. So much free time!”.


Contrary to popular belief, working at home with a infant of 8 months is like juggling 3 hot pans at the same time! It does have it’s perks though! I get to spend quality time everyday with the little bub, we get playtime, I can witness his first moments and mommy is always there to give him a big ol’ hug. Breastfeeding is also a breeze as pumping isn’t necessary and I can watch him grow right in front of my eyes! Our schedules are made around pediatrician appointments, playdates, evening walks, feeding time and more! And I can have all the vacation time I want- no boss over my head!


The downside though- I work ALL THE TIME! Early mornings before breakfast, late nights after dinner and in between naps. Kids require all the attention they can get and it’s difficult to keep a steady work routine everyday. I spent all my “woke” hours with the baby and all his “asleep” hours working- I am a zombie mommy with no sleep! I work 365 days of a year- sometimes even on vacations!


But I absolutely wouldn’t change a thing. I get to have the best of both worlds! It’s up to us moms to use technology to our advantage and enjoy the awesome years of our lives!


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