Being a Work-From-Home Mom is Not Easy at All

The pros and cons of having a freelancer lifestyle.


Being a working mom is not easy- no matter how awfully shiny it looks on Instagram. I have been a Freelancer for the past 4 years and an exclusive work-from-home for the last year. Yes, the schedule is flexible, the hours are easier- but the deadlines and work pressure still remains the same. I have so many friends who think, “ Your life is so perfect. So much free time!”.


Contrary to popular belief, working at home with a infant of 8 months is like juggling 3 hot pans at the same time! It does have it’s perks though! I get to spend quality time everyday with the little bub, we get playtime, I can witness his first moments and mommy is always there to give him a big ol’ hug. Breastfeeding is also a breeze as pumping isn’t necessary and I can watch him grow right in front of my eyes! Our schedules are made around pediatrician appointments, playdates, evening walks, feeding time and more! And I can have all the vacation time I want- no boss over my head!


The downside though- I work ALL THE TIME! Early mornings before breakfast, late nights after dinner and in between naps. Kids require all the attention they can get and it’s difficult to keep a steady work routine everyday. I spent all my “woke” hours with the baby and all his “asleep” hours working- I am a zombie mommy with no sleep! I work 365 days of a year- sometimes even on vacations!


But I absolutely wouldn’t change a thing. I get to have the best of both worlds! It’s up to us moms to use technology to our advantage and enjoy the awesome years of our lives!


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Comments (7)

Sangeetha Karuna

That one is so very brilliant writeup. Doing the office work at home and taking care of kid is like handling two hungry lions at the same time🙂. But still we have to see the brighter side of everything; and remains satisfied 🙂

Keshika Garg

It's takes immense willpower, self confidence and strength to work as well as manage a baby... Kudos to all who do it...

Priya Sood

I agree! You must be discipined, motivated


Being mom is a full time job with no leaves. On top if you goto to work from home, I feel it's more difficult than people can even think.
If you are home expectations from you are.. you should be taking care of the entire household activities even during your professional work hours.
It is also seen that kids have more tantrums in front of their moms.. hence when you are home you have more pressure of creating a work-life balance. #babychakra #blogathon

Sai Gandre

This is so well written.

Sumathi A

This is just in time

Pooja Singh

Unable to share it on fb

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