You Will Definitely Have A Boy.....But Guess What It’s A Girl!

I have never understood the basis on which  people say what gender the child is going to be to a pregnant women in India( I have mentioned India specifically because abroad the gender is disclosed but in India it is not due to obvious reasons).


The moment the news of a pregnancy is out, there starts the stories of the gender of the child as well. I mean how is it possible to tell the gender by the way the mom looks, or eats, or behaves.


I guess, here it's a common notion to keep cooking stories relating to the gender of the child. But don't you think it directly or indirectly creates an opinion in the mother's mind as well as she constantly hears them so willingly or unwillingly it registers in her head. This is exactly what happened with me.


The stories of the gender of my child started coming around the time when my bump started showing. Both me and my husband were never bothered about the gender of the child as that was not a concern to us.


Had it being my second pregnancy, maybe I would have some thoughts on the gender.


Don't get me wrong here, What I mean is - If I have a girl as my first child I would think that God, let my second child be a boy or vice versa for the simple reason that I would have the best of both worlds----A GIRL AND A BOY....FAMILY COMPLETE


But in your first pregnancy, these thoughts generally don't come to you as you are too excited and there is a lot of adrenaline rush and you are just thrilled to welcome the bundle of joy and take it in your arms.


Well, well, well.....Things don't happen how we want it to happen. When the opinions started coming from all corners I realized I started to form an opinion too.

In my case, majority of the people would say that I will have a boy. During my 6/7th month I happened to attend my brother's wedding and TA DA....Wedding means lots and lots of people which means lots and lots of opinions....Even here, I was bombarded with opinions regarding my baby's gender....Majority(actually everyone) would say that I will have a boy.



Since, everyone started saying the same thing it subconsciously got registered in my head as well and I was pretty sure that it will be a BOY....

The day of my delivery also came and I was pretty confident that I already know it's a BOY. My world stopped for a moment( trust me I am not exaggerating here) when the doctor informed me ITS A GIRL. I couldn't believe my ears but couldn't react as well due to post normal delivery symptoms.

The 2-3 days at the hospital were normal where I was nursing her but still I wasn't able to accept the fact that I delivered a baby girl.



My mother's guilt started pouring from all corners of the world and I was constantly telling myself that HOW CAN I EVEN THINK LIKE THIS, SHE IS MY BABY AND I NEED TO ACCEPT AND ACKNOWLEDGE THIS FACT AND LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART. I felt I had become hard as a stone to even think like this.


It was only after I came home and got some alone time with her, I suddenly started crying seeing the baby asleep.



My guilt or wrong thoughts vanished in a second when I just cried my heart out seeing her sleep so peacefully. That was the moment when MAGIC happened and an everlasting BOND between a mother and her baby was sealed. This was the time when I first felt the real joy of being a mother.



From that day until today, I am ever grateful to God for giving me such a beautiful bundle of joy. No regrets, no negative thoughts but just pure love and affection is what have blossomed my relationship with my girl.

Yes, I still regret the very fact that I had formed opinions and was not able to accept the truth then because being brought up in a broad minded society that was not something I was expecting from myself.


Don't you think its baseless to form opinions about the gender of a child as it directly or indirectly registers in the parent's mind?? Do, let me know your views on the same.


It's me signing off now.


Au Revoir


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Comments (37)

Sirisha Bhalla

I agree with you. It does register in your mind and every time u talk bout the baby , dn u use the proverb accordingly. Which I think is wrong.
I think even I have sn opinions in my mind set up by people around me, and m nt sure if they l go wen I l see my baby or not.
Thank you for this article. Will keep this in mind and try to be positive.

Priyanka Mor(Mommiepedia)’s difficult to not form an opinion when it comes from all corner but try to not form any opinion...even if you do it’s ok as after you see the baby you forget everything and will definitely embrace it with all your heart sooner or later...Much love to you

Anamika Yadav

So nicely unknowingly gets registered in ur mind...which is wrong...

Priyanka Mor(Mommiepedia)

Thank you Anamika...Means a lot

Kritika Lall

Omg such a lovely post priyanka..I cried reading it..I dunno if it is because of my pregnancy hormones or a to-be mother's heart that brought tears in my eyes.. hugs to you dear 😗😗😗

Sneha Khandait

Wow... Its so well written....

Priyanka Talwar

This is just so on time. In my case too evryone thinks that it will be a boy and just like u my mind is programmed to welcome baby boy now. I shop more blues thn pinks. Don't know why people can only tell about the boy and not the girl. 😖

Priyanka Mor(Mommiepedia)

Aww Kritika...m so touched that my story touched you as well...lots of hugs and kisses to you and may you have a super cute baby...boy or girl doesn’t matter...😘😘😘😘

Priyanka Mor(Mommiepedia)

Thank you so much Sneha😘😘😘😘

Priyanka Mor(Mommiepedia)

Yes mostly people do say boy...I don’t know why...ultimate thing is it’s our baby and we should not be judgemental...lots of love and kisses to you and the soon to be coming baby😘😘😘

Rebecca Prakash

I too get lot comments like this some say boy and some say girl .. Of course majority is boy. But I have prepared my mind .. even by mistake ai will not say he or she I always address "The baby" and when I write something in baby chakra also I make sure I use "it" and not he or she.

Amruta Naik

Very nicely written Priyanka.. I haven't yet got any comments about gender of my babay but thanks for preparing me for the future.🤗

Janhavi Palav

Same things is happening with me. My first child is daughter and now m preganant for 2nd time. Its very hectic sometimes people give suggesions everytime. As m working woman my coligue also said same thing; this time should be boy.

Garima Singla

sooooooooo nicely written . very very true and very connected to life as well . yes definitely people give their opinion without our concerns.Thanx Priyanka for this post . I completely lost in reading this post . very well done 😘😘😘😘😘

Parul Johari

Very nice article!
(I heard that , if we want a boy or a girl and the baby is opposite gender in the womb definitely feel dishearted, as he or she thinks I'm going to a place where nobody wants me.)

Priyanka Mor(Mommiepedia)

Awww...thank you so much guys for your love....your comments means a lot to me...I m so humbled and touched😘😘😘

Priyanka Mor(Mommiepedia)

Much much love and hugs😘😘😘 to everyone

Anushree Sharma

Nice Article! \ud83d\ude0a

Priyanka Mor(Mommiepedia)

Thanks Anushree👍

Aliva Mishra

My MIL always refers to the baby as a boy and I totally dislike that. Once i sternly told her that its a girl during my 28th week. She asked me; surprised and worried...That how did I know its a girl.. I sternly replied back THE WAY YOU KNOW IT's A BOY!
From that day she thinks twice before commenting on the gender.

Priyanka Mor(Mommiepedia)

Sometimes we need to be stern to make others think what they are saying..

Debolina Mukherjee

Motivating and inspiring

Aiswarya Balu

Even I heard opinions like this when I was pregnant.; Boy or girl,; they are equal to the current generation of moms. All this registering happens because of some old age people.


Can't agree more. I am tired of hearing the gender things. Even people sometimes ask on phone about my pregnancy symptoms to express their opinion on my baby's gender!!! For eg. I like sweet or not, movement is on which side of tummy, bump is round or not etc etc. Phewww!!! It seems everyone turns into pregnancy experts when they see or hear about someone being pregnant. It definitely has a negative impact on the mind of the would be MoM. Sometimes I feel like shouting to them that it's none of their concern 😤😤
God knows when these taboos will end!!

Komal Singh

I truest agree wid u . And I m facing the same these days ..


Bang on !!
Beautifully written.

Priyanka Mor(Mommiepedia)

Thank you so much for appreciating my thoughts on this..

pritam Mangesh Giram

Nice post.... Regarding me everyone asking me what u want boy or girl... I was sure on tht whatever it I will accept as best gift same as my husband ... If other started telling may u hv girl then I told nop whatever it will be mine... This feeling enough for me

Vipra Naik

Lot of people told me I will have a girl but for me it only matters that baby should be healthy and I delivered a healthy boy. What I hated the most that after delivery all are like u r stress free now, now if next u deliver girl then also fine, that is such a sick attitude.

Sania Bhushan

Beautifully expressed👌👌

Tanu Sakpal

This is so well written.

Sathya Kalaiselven

That's people's mind. Will make everything collapse. We shouldn't bother about their views and suggestion. Just ignore and move on!
Good share #Priya ☺️


So well written... Same is my situation too... Going to be a mom in next month... Many of my relatives have said it is boy...seeing me n my health condition..
Since my first month I have fixed for a baby girl but due to continuous opinions of people around my mindset has changed gradually...
Now it's like I wish i have a baby boy.. but thank to my husband who always stands on a single note n says its a baby girl don't think otherwise...
I don't know one thing, if we expect for a baby girl and the same happens nothing may change in our views..
But if we have a baby boy happiness doubles...
In vice-versa case like expecting baby boy and deliverying baby girl disappoints everyone around...
So pity

Nidhi Nidhi

I am also having same situation like u. Have daughter already and waiting for the second. I too want a boy but for other reason. My mother in law's behaviour changed when my daughter was born. She didn't even spent any time with her for months. As she grew up and is too cute that she couldn't resist playing with her. I don't want this behaviour to change for my daughter if I got second as a daughter.

Nilofer shaikh@mommyingandmore

Oh god. This so happened with me. And let me tell you the guilt is too bad to gulp. Absolutely killing.

Sonal Chaddha

Mere sath bhe same yahi hua...meri 1st pregnancy the..3rd month se hi SB log Bolte the ki it's a dekhta woh yahi bole iska to ladka hi hoga....mere mind m bhe yahi bath Gaya tha..but meri beti Hui..nd thank to God mujhe beti hi chahye the..

so roy

Good morning

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