Winter is Coming! 5 Tips On How To Take Care of Your Children

Winter is Coming! 5 Tips On How To Take Care of Your Children


Winter fun is exciting but keeping your delicate baby healthy can be a lot more trickier than we think. So here’re 5 tips we must keep in mind to ensure a stress free winters for our kids as well as us.


1- Dress the baby in layers:

In winters especially indoors and outdoors temperatures vary. So dressing the baby in multiple layers will ensure that the baby is quickly adjusted according to suitable weather.


2- Skintensive care:

Dry, rough, sometimes chappy skin may try to befriend the baby. So special care must be taken to keep it away. Pat dry baby and not wipe him after bath. Moisturise using cream, jelly, lotion, whatever your paediatrician recommends.


3- More indoor time:

To avoid the windy winters, keep the baby indoors mostly, only when sunny must the baby play outdoors (Vitamin D is also important for us).


4- Indoor activities:

To avoid the company of cranky fussy babies, keep indoor activities planned and prepared so they don’t get bored. Making a small play area indoor or engaging them in different activities may help in keeping them occupied.


5- Fever, cough , running or stuffy nose: At some point of season, you can be facing these tough calls. I personally prefer giving steam to my baby for precautionary sake. Also humidifier helps babies to get rid of stuffy nose common in this weather.


So prep up and wear your mommy fighter boots to keep your babies healthy and happy this season.
And as I often say HAPPY BABY = HAPPY MAMA !


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