5 Things Every Mom Should Tell Her Daughter

5 Things Every Mom Should Tell Her Daughter

8 Nov 2017 | 5 min Read

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As a mother of a girl, it’s my constant endeavor to raise my daughter with equality and let her blossom into a confident and independent individual. I feel fortunate that we are in the 21st century where I can give these affirmations to my daughter. Let me tell you more about our relationship and why it’s essential to build a great mother-daughter relationship and maintain a strong bond with your daughter.

Why is a Mother-Daughter Relationship Important?

A girl’s relationship with her mother has an impact on her self-esteem, self-worth, sense of identity, and builds the capacity to establish friends. Her mother serves as a role model for her daughter. Her daughter aspires to be like her mother. Her mother instilled in her the ideal woman image.

How to Build and Maintain a Strong Bond with Your Daughter

Maintain a Strong Bond with Your Daughter

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The relationship that a daughter develops with her mother is the most crucial part of a mother and daughter relationship. Continue reading to learn about positive parenting practices that will help you improve your relationship with your daughter.

  • Say “I Love You” More Often

We often assume that we love our children, but no matter how old they are, tell them every day. A simple “I love you” can have a significant impact on your daughter’s long-term relationship.

  • Show Your Love

Human touch and loving compassion are required for the healthy growth of your daughter. So, gestures like warm expressions, hugs, eye contact, smiles, and honest interaction are all good ways to greet your daughter and make her day delightful.

  • Eat Meals Together

Often eating with your daughter. This good mother-daughter relationship habit can lead to fantastic conversation and time spent bonding with your kid. Encourage her to turn off her phone and other electronic devices and just enjoy each other’s company. Mealtime is an excellent time to teach your children about the necessity of eating a good, balanced diet, which impacts their general mental health.

  • Create A Strong Connection

Listening is quite an essential step in establishing a lasting connection with your daughter. Recognize your child’s emotions, demonstrate that you understand, and reassure them that you can assist them with anything they require. Being a mother, you will need to consider things from your child’s point of view. You can start to establish mutual respect by listening and empathizing with your daughter.

Things Every Mom Should Tell Her Daughter

1- You are not less than any guy

I believe mothers play a major role in shaping a child’s personality. What the child thinks of themself mostly depends on how they have been brought up. If a girl is being raised equally without any gender bias, then there are high chances that she will grow up to be a self-reliant, optimistic and fearless individual at par with any person in the world.

2- Believe in yourself

What others think of you is secondary and what matters is what you feel about yourself. Having belief in oneself is the sign of a powerful human being. If you don’t believe in what you do, you cannot expect others to believe in you. Even if the tides are not in your favour, but your belief is strong, you need to just hang in there as the power of thought is manifold.

3- You are not just meant to get married and have kids

Gone are the days when women were just meant to get married, have kids and take care of the family. Yes, God has given only women the privilege to bore children, which, from my personal experience, is the most surreal thing to happen to any woman) but this shouldn’t come in between her identity as she is a woman before a mother. Now, women can do all of these along with fulfilling their wishes. I believe women are natural multitaskers. Because of this quality, we find a lot of women excelling in the workforce as they can manage work, kids, family, and routine chores with ease.

4- Do what you want to do and not what others think is right for you to do

Just because you are a girl doesn’t mean you have to do this or not, as it’s not meant for girls. If you have the conviction in what you are doing, all stereotypes are automatically gone.
It is vital to stick to your goals and ambitions. There will be a lot of hiccups in the form of comments, opinions, suggestions from everywhere, but at the end of the day, you need to do what you think is right for you.

5- Live life on your terms

It’s elementary for us to forget ourselves and dedicate our lives to others. Still, living life on our terms indicates a strong mind, a clear path, a focused approach and a never-ending determination towards our goals.

Do you agree with this?? What could be added here??? I would love to know your views on the mother-daughter relationship. Comment down below and just let us know!

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