Happy Travelling with a Breastfed baby!


My little one has been on exclusive breastfeed since he was born. We went for our first foreign trip with him to Bali when he was just 4 months old. Before planning this trip, I was very nervous about how I would feed him.  


But, now I feel that travelling with a breastfed baby, especially an exclusively breastfed one is probably the least amount of effort you could make in ensuring that your baby is well fed.


I have also learned a few things that made me more comfortable and I would love to share them with you here:


Carry a scarf or a nursing cover everywhere :-

Your baby can demand anytime, anywhere. My baby used to demand mostly  during my mealtime and I had to run to the car or the nearest clothing store that had trial rooms.


Don't feel shy :-

Please do not hesitate to breastfeed your baby if you are in a public place. Just go, grab your scarf and find a corner. It is the most natural thing and no one will judge you. I have literally breastfed my baby on the beach while covering him with my scarf.


Eat Right :-

To ensure that your milk supply remains plentyfull, eat properly, drink adequate milk, rest and don't overdo.


Stay hydrated :-

Drink at least 3-4 litres of water daily. Water is very important to maintain the quantity of your milk supply.


Choose your outfits wisely :-

And most importantly, I chose to wear low neckline and button down dresses for the trip as feeding the baby is very easy in them. T-shirts with shorts or skirts were also comfortable. So, think before you choose your vacation outfits.


I hope these few points will be of some help to you if you are planning a trip very soon.

Have an awesome holiday and Happy Breastfeeding!


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Sai Gandre

This is exactly what I was looking for.

ruchita joshi

I wish I knew this before

KrisHna Shah

So useful for me want to travel in march end with my baby who ll be 6 mnth old at that time and ll be on exclusieve bf

Gunjan Gupta Upadhyay

This is so well written.

Saumya Dwivedi

Lovely write up Anandita Agrawal! The picture that you have shared is that of a babywearing mom. And it makes travel with ( a bf or ff ) baby a breeze!

Sapna Senthil Kumar

well said n nice scarf the one wat u wearing for baby feeding I just love I m going to take it as my baby is 3 month old. this is the one I was looking for so long .

Jaya Tomar

Nice article 👌

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