Cookies, Bumps And Postpartum Diets

This week, we had a bonanza of super cool posts! We are gushing with all the love that our moms pour all over us and it becomes really tough for us to pick out the top posts every week. We did the tough job anyway. So here are the rockstar posts of the week from our rockstar moms!


Mom-to-be Satyam Sharma shared the news of her pregnancy with her boss. What do you think happened next?




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Momstar Shilpa Dang provided awesome tips on how to tide over bedrest. Read on!



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Momstar Shruti Giri feels we must let our kids fall. Why?



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What do you do with leftover rice? You make scrumptious cutlets like Momstar Richa Chowdhary!



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Shruti Giri was all bumpy over the app!



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Mom Buddy Prachi spoke all about binding the belly after delivery. Is it really effective?



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Pallavi Mehta’s quick and tasty tiffin recipe is bookmark worthy!



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Mom Buddy Prachi lost oodles after pregnancy and she shares her diet



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Neha Jain’s super tasty recipe for this tea-time snack looks mouthwatering, doesn’t it?



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Mom Buddy Amreen’s teething bites had us hoping that we’re teething too!



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Prachi was back! This time with warm tips to take care of newborns in winter



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How important is umbilical cord banking? Karishma Singh lest us know!



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Thanks for wowing us every time Moms!


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Neha Agarwal

Unable to tag Prachi. Can someone tag her ? Khushboo Chouhan

Neha Agarwal

Shruti Giri Shipra Dang Satyam Sharma

Sumira Bhatia

The week that was!! @prachi I can never tag you

Sonam patel

Congratulations moms...

Shruti Giri

Sonam patel; is a secret decoder of babychakra...isko sare jhol pata Hai....kaise tag karna Hai, kaise short cut use karna Hai, kaise review Dena Hai!!! 😁🤔


Are wah...thanks to all...

Sonam patel

Haha Shruti Giri; I can't stop laughing... Feeling proud...Haha.

Shivani Sharma

This is exactly what I was looking for.


Khushboo Chouhan;; The hyperlinks are not working, not able to redirect to any of the posts mentioned here.

Soumyashree Acharya

Same here... unable to redirect to the page to read the article

Ashma Pirjada

Sounds like so much fun.

Pooja singh

I talk abt not getting rest or daytime nap

Priyanka Talwar

Something is wrong with hyperlinks..they ain't working.

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