What Do We Believe?

What Do We Believe?

The murder case of the 6-year-old in a Gurugram school a couple of months ago shook all of us to the core. Immediate investigation and reports seemed to suggest that it was a school employee who had done it and there was a possible case of sexual abuse as well.


Now we are being told that the  act was done by a Class XI student who wanted to do something that would shut the school. He supposedly did this so that he could avoid an exam that day and a PTM meeting scheduled for later. There does not seem to be any sexual abuse angle here.


What do we believe?


More importantly, what should the family believe in?


If the second theory is true then what does it say about the mental pressures that school students go through? This juvenile was willing to commit murder to get the school to close down?


What does this say about us a society? We were so quick to assume and believe that the school employee would have sexually abused the child?


What does this say about our investigating authorities? There are two agencies and two theories - poles apart.


What does it say about our media? Is the race for TRPs so important that there isn’t time to pause, analyse and present information responsibly?


And most important of all: Can we imagine the  trauma that the family is going through? To have lost a child in such a gruesome manner?


I only have questions, no answers.



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#mentalhealth #pradhyumn #csa

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