Wakey Wakey Breakfast Chikoo Suji Kheer

Wakey Wakey Breakfast Chikoo Suji Kheer

Breakfast for little ones must be tasty and healthy to  wake their brain cells positively. This is what I make for my little one often. The best part is, it’s really sweet but not sweetened with sugar!



  1. Puree a ripe chikoo
  2. Roast some suji in a kadhai and keep aside
  3. In a pan, pour some water to boil
  4. Once it boils, add the roasted suji to it
  5. Stir to attain desired consistency
  6. Now add this mixture to the chikoo puree
  7. Your chikoo suji kheer is ready!


Serve and watch the kheer being slurped up! Enjoy!

Advice: If you have not introduced either chikoo or suji to the child before, it may be a good idea to introduce small quantities  to check for allergies and then make it a part of her/his regular diet  

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