5 Benefits of Swaddling Your Baby

5 Benefits of Swaddling Your Baby

9 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

Shree Venkatesh

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Memories of my Swaddled Twins are etched deeply in my heart. My double bundles of joy would sleep undisturbed for a long duration within their swaddles. Their hospital had a cute blue cloth with prints . That is the hue I remember my twins in when I try to recollect their cute demeanor in the first few months of their  birth.


All new borns are swaddled but swaddling a Preemie new born has a special significance . It gives them a soothing feeling as if they are still in their mommies’ womb. Swaddling a preemie has various benefits as noted below:


1- This enables the little ones to sleep well.


2- It reduces their crying and hence helps in conserving their energy levels.


3- Swaddling can also recreate the fetal in-utero posture which is desirable for the babies born early.


4- It protects the baby from being disturbed by its own startle Reflex.


5- Swaddling helps preemie babies more since it improves their neuromuscular development.


The correct swaddling technique was taught well by the NICU nurses.  The swaddling technique was mastered well by my hubby and my moms even before I could try a hand on it.


Though swaddling has numerous benefits there are certain caution points that need to be observed.


1-It is important  to ensure that a swaddled baby sleeps on the back and not on the belly.


2-It is very important to use a light cotton material to swaddle so that the baby’s body temperature is not messed up.


3-Incorrect Swaddling methods may lead to health issues like hip dysplasia.


Swaddling has been very beneficial for my Preemie Twins and hence I as a twin Preemie mom would highly recommend the same . I have preserved the cloths in which we used to swaddle them in the first 4 months of their life. Now they are so big and tall that I cannot even cover their hand with the  swaddle cloths .. I feel mesmerized by the way they have grown up to be talkative, vibrant energetic twins something I would not have fathomed 6 years back standing in front of their incubators staring at the swaddled bundles.


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