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5 Ways Bollywood Is Ruining Family Relationships

5 Ways Bollywood Is Ruining Family Relationships

Bollywood is one of the most influential industry in Indian households. The cinema industry plays a major role in making positive as well as negative impact on our society. While cinema is a strong channel to put forward societal issues and create awareness, it is also one of the strong channels to create a negative influence and is responsible for setting unrealistic trends in a simple middle class society. While modern day cinema has steered away from many deep rooted societal rules, olden days cinema has left a long lasting impact on our society which has created some  craters in family relationship.


Let us look at 5 ways in which Bollywood is actually ruining not only our Family Relationships but also the entire society as such.

1. Do you need to do a makeover to get love?

While appearances are important, they are not all that matter in a loving  relationship or marriage. Bollywood from time to time has always objectified women and has conveyed how women who are not fair , are not slim or wear glasses are not preferred by men. The fact is being yourself will always bring out the best in you – both mentally and physically. A makeover is not the key to a true and loving relationship.

2. Is Everything fair in love?

Granted, love is a tricky thing. It can make us behave and speak in ways that take us by surprise. However, there are certain lines you cannot cross, not even in the name of love. If you are facing physical and verbal abuse, unnecessary suspicion or spying in your relationship, it may be time to call it quits. Staying in a marriage only to honour societal traditions is harmful for both parties. Movies can definitely convey this in a wrong sense.

3. Should every guy be a poet?

Bollywood movies are incomplete without their trademark over the top dialogues and filmi declarations of undying love. Cheesy as they sound, who doesn’t want to be wooed this way? After all, if even an intellectual like Aamir Khan can do it, why can’t regular men? Well, they can’t because most men are not natural born poets. Forget about lovey-dovey poetry, many of us aren’t even good at expressing simpler feelings properly. And of course, all actors have to do is read lines off of a script. An expectation of this sort from men has triggered indifferences in marriages and relationships.

4. Can a Boy and a Girl be friends?

“Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte”- a dialogue from a very famous movie that left a print on the minds of generations has taken the entire male-female relationship to a different level of course not in the right sense. Can you imagine the negative impact this has on our kids? We know that a girl and a boy can certainly be the best of friends without love getting in the way, but who can blame them if they think otherwise?

5. You are boring if you are not the party types. Seriously?

Thanks to the latest trends of the Honey Singh’s and the Badshahs, every rhythm catching music has to revolve around defining the fact that life is fun only when if your are the partying types. This makes lot of young people feel that you are enjoying life only if you are partying as often as you can. And by partying, they mean drinking alcohol and behaving inappropriately with random strangers. Kids absorb this easily and resonate this feeling as the only goal of life. Being happy is one thing, but crossing limits of health and value is not normal.
Since most of these movies have a U/A certification, our kids watch them and reflect back into their life. Every other kid wants to be a super hero and every youth wants to be Ranbir Kapoor. Every girl wants to look sexy. Its time to change the mindset of this industry. This industry needs to reflect and prove to be the channel that gives entertainment in a way that can change the society for good. And as parents we need to expose our children to entertainment in a way that can help their personality shape into something more realistic and positive.