India Is Opening Up To Safe Sex

India Is Opening Up To Safe Sex

Anonymity has encouraged people to buy the contraceptive online.


Furtive looks from others who have come to buy other things at the store. Uncomfortable exchanges with the chemist and a hope that no “known” person sees this purchase taking place. Most of us have gone through these situations if we  have ever had the “courage” to go and buy a condom.


But what if there was an alternative?


The Free Condom Store, by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, was launched on April 28, probably to address this discomfort.   


And the numbers reported do not disappoint. 10 lakh condoms in just 69 days.


The online store received orders for condoms from NGOs and community organisations (5.14 lakhs) and individuals (4.41 lakhs) just in the past four months.


If these numbers are to be believed, then the country is definitely opening up to the concept of safe sex.


The store ensures complete anonymity - the identity of the person placing the order is not disclosed and most importantly the person delivering the package does not know what it contains.


Whatever the reason, we think it is a good sign that India is opening up to the idea of safe sex.  


In a country where condom usage is just 5 per cent and nationally only 55% of women and 74% men are aware of it and how it can prevent sexually transmitted diseases (National Family Health Survey data), this is a sign of changing times!


What do you think?


Source: Information in this articles has been sourced from TOI


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