These Comics Dedicated To Life After Kids Will Make Your Children's Day

They’re tiny, but capable of turning our lives upside down. They’re little, but can twist us around their pinkies. Who are we talking about? Our kids of course!


Who could have never imagined that such pint-sized humans were capable of taking over our lives completely? But now, as parents, we cannot imagine our lives without our children anymore. To celebrate them, we have here some Mommy Minis. Now here’s why they’re special. They have been sourced from moms on BabyChakra who wrote to us by hundreds!  Has your one-liner morphed into a Mommy Mini? If not, keep checking this space. Who knows, your mommy one-liner could appear as a mini soon!


  • The restroom takes a completely different meaning after being a mom


  • Where are my party clothes? Don’t know.


  • I’m finally complete!


  • So easy, isn’t it?


  • Yummy, yummy. So, hungry!


  • Kids know exactly when a mom is feeling relaxed.


  • I’m a mom, I’ll call you back after 3 years


  • Soccer player in, soccer player out!



Happy Children’s Day!


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Wow this is awesome!! So relatable

Ha ha... motherhood captured perfectly in one liners!

Hahaha so cute and funnt

This is awesome!!

Awesome 👌

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