Who was Cornelia Sorabji, who Google honoured in a doodle?

Did you check out today’s Google doodle? If you do, you will find a distinguished-looking figure staring at you over the search bar. Dressed in court attire, the figure sits against the backdrop of what looks like an iconic building.


So what’s so special about the person on today’s Google Doodle? Well, that person is an Indian woman named Cornelia Sorabji, who could also be called as the woman of many firsts.


Born on 15th November, 1866, Sorabji was the first female graduate from Mumbai (then Bombay University), the first woman to read law at Oxford University (probably the first Indian national to study at any British University), the first female advocate in India, and the first woman to practise law in India and Britain.


She helped many women get their rightful share in property, pursue education and secure employment. In a time where women were only expected to be confined to the kitchen, Sorabji’s achievements are extremely noteworthy.


It might have not been easy for Sorabji to be accepted by the Universities who never had female students. She might have even been scorned at for doing something different from the ordinary, but she achieved something we women fight for even today - that is, to shatter the glass ceiling and stand for what you believe in.


Here’s to Cornelia Sorabji!


Let us raise more confident and accepting children today, who are free to dream and achieve.


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