Mommywise: New Age Mommy

Mommywise: New Age Mommy

Welcome to the MommyWise series! Through this series, our wisecracks - mommies who have attained parenting nirvana, tell you how to take parenting as it comes. Here’s the first one from wisecrack Sumira Bhatia.


The mommy world is divided in two halves. On one end, is the generation from the yesteryears, those who seem to hold the holy grail of motherhood and their endless solutions to all the baby related problems.


My reaction to all the unsolicited wisdom was a bit blah



Because I was a new age mommy, the internet generation mommy. The internet provided answers which made total sense to me. But it also brought about a WAR of opinions.


But that was okay because I had the internet backing me up and I was content, without any self doubt! Or was I? Where the internet was providing me with ALL the answers to my gazillion baby related queries it was also exposing me to this world of superhuman mommies with their superhuman powers.


The Wikipedia Mommy:

From what goes in the bowls to what comes out from the bowels; she knows it ALL! The baby hows? The baby whens? The baby Whos? The baby Whys? the baby Wednesdays, the baby years . . she just KNOWS!



And I, on the other end was second guessing myself with all of baby’s sneezes, poops, winks, coughs, kicks. You get the idea, right?


The Diva Mommy:

While I was sitting and counting the remnants of the hair that once was, she came out looking like “ Girl! I Gots THIS!”



The Kitchen Queen:

She has the food bible written at the back of her hand from the looks of it. They were producing fancy wonders in the kitchen and I was struggling getting even a salad sorted in time.



The Home Hack Genius:

This one is to watch out for, the sorceress that she is. I am sure she even has the powers to make detergent out of dirt!



The DIY Mommy

This one is still turning me into a major hoarder. I am saving plastic bottles, to boxes to packets and EVERYTHING in hopes of turning it into baby toys miraculously. ONLY I don’t what to do, where to start, how to start, most importantly WHEN to start. The baby needs CONSTANT attention. Let’s face it, I even have to time my bathroom breaks, WHEN do I turn the bunked junk into fancy marvels? My cupboards are suffocating because of lack of space now.


The list of these super mommies didn’t end, in fact it went on to increase. What DID end, however, were my insecurities. Over a period of time, I realized that:


  • not ALL advice the yester generation throws at you, is all that bad.
  • You start getting the gist of baby managing and you soon find yourself becoming one of the wiki mommies
  • The diva mommies just teach you to take care of yourself alongside the baby
  • The home hack mommies give you a few great tips along the way. Oh by the way! lemon juice works wonders at getting the turmeric stains off the kitchen slab * wink wink*
  • You start to experiment in the kitchen with baby food and it isn’t always a disaster. Big SIGHS!
  • And did you know that DIY saves you money BIG time? I don’t have a hole in my pocket, dear Liza , dear Liza!


All in all, do NOT let the internet overwhelm you! Use it wisely mommies.


Much love,
Newly Wise Mommy aka Wisecrack Sumira 


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