Female Infanticide - What Should I Tell my Daughter?

Female Infanticide - What Should I Tell my Daughter?

Like everyday my little princess returned from school bubbling with joy of being selected for a poem recitation. I was overjoyed to see the spark in her eyes. It is a pleasure to see her growing and imbibing the qualities any mother would be proud off. But every coin has two sides; for me the other side was the concept of the poem. Introducing my little angle to cruelty of female infanticide.


As I went down the poem it shook me hard from inside. It was a recitation narrated by a female fetus from the womb of her mother. She was bubbling with joy to come outside. She was filled with excitement to see the outside world until she felt that her mother was in pain. She could feel from her mother’s vibration that she something was bothering her (mother) and the little one inside was getting scared. She was shattered to know that the news of her being a girl took away her mother’s happiness. To add to her pain the little life had to end with an unwelcoming message from her own mother.


I had Goosebumps, I was shivering, and I was ashamed as I was preparing my daughter for her competition. But the most embarrassing part was yet to come; when I had to explain it to her.


She is small, yet growing. She is my heartthrob but have to be taught about evils of society. I took a deep breath, gathered courage and tried to explain gently. Though I took care but I am still unsure if I left any unanswered question in her mind, if somewhere I shook her confidence being a girl. I had a difficult and emotional time each time she practiced those phrases. Can I ask you a question to just think once what environment are we creating for our kids and have we ever thought how will be introduce them to evils of our society?


I was in the situation and had to sail through irrespective the pain I felt within. I took some deep breaths and then maintaining my calm I spoke openly to my daughter. I told her how some people believed boys are better and why they thoughts so. But with every truth that harmed my daughters faith, my next sentence was of reassurance and faith we have in our daughters. I would make sure she understood that it’s not the way we as in family or her near ones thought. Yes, this did save me from embarrassment we have created for ourselves as society. While closing the topic I ensured that she has not kept any unanswered questions to her heart and it’s all clean and clear.


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