Former Miss World Diana Hayden Pregnant With 3-Year-Old Frozen Eggs

A lot of women nowadays want to establish or focus on their career first, so becoming a parent early does not feature on their goals list. So what do you do to plan a pregnancy later but try to outwit your biological clock? Well, you freeze your eggs to use them when you need them!


Freezing eggs is one of the techniques used these days by women who want to plan pregnancies later in life.


A lot of women who haven’t found their right match yet for marriage or don’t want to get married are also opting for this procedure.


Former Miss World Diana Hayden who won the title in 1997 is pregnant with twins conceived from eggs she froze three years ago! The 44-year-old model had resorted to freezing her eggs and now she is pregnant with twins. She gave birth to her first child in January 2016, who was similarly conceived from an egg that was frozen eight years ago.


This process, though expensive, is now gaining popularity. The egg can be stored upto 10 years and the retrieval rate is also high.


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Information in this article was sourced from Times of India


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Comments (6)

So cool! But what about breastfeeding ?

One can; still breastfeed the child as after fertilisation outside ..the embryo is transplanted in the uterus and the baby grows in; womb once it's born she will be able to breastfeed her child normally.

Never ever hear about this.

Yes it's gaining popularity nowadays

Yes, I went for IVF and conceived after using my freezed embryos. This is the same process I suppose.

In this case only the eggs are freezed not the sperm and these eggs can be used at a later date.

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