Do You Feel Guilty if You Spend Some ‘Me-time’?

Do You Feel Guilty if You Spend Some ‘Me-time’?

I lost my mom when I was 27 years old and I was just married .She lives in my heart every second. Whenever I look back, I can remember all the beautiful memories of her sharing her love and only love with me. There were instances of anger, many a times, but majorly love, warmth and security is what I  remember and feel even today.


My Mom was a homemaker.There were so many times when she went out, leaving me at home to do things and many times for parties, functions, movies, shopping, etc. I actually wonder today, did her leaving me back at home for few hours, disturb me emotionally? Distant me from her? Made me  insecure? Or made her an insensitive and self centered mother?


No, my answer is NO!


Today, Being a mom is not anymore a simple task . Maybe it never was!


Adi baby has introduced a lot of new and complicated emotions to me. I wonder is it Adi baby or actually the society the people I am associated with or my own heart that plays this role?


Yes, it is complicated as one emotion brings a lot of other entangled ones along. It’s no more easy to listen to your own heart as the sounds outside are much louder and impressionable.


I have heard time and again, I must give maximum time to my Adi baby, to be a good mom or to prove to be a good mom?


I agree, your child needs you, your time, your nurturing. But what about you? In the process of motherhood, we forget to take our “Me time out” and get lost somewhere. Honestly speaking, our babies don’t stand up and demand anything from us, it’s our own guilt which makes us to do so. Anytime, when I am away from Adi baby for something, that all around then, is important, according to them, then it is acceptable, but if it’s in my self interest, then it’s like I am not being a responsible mother.


Why does guilt and self interest walk hand in hand?In fact, this guilt is what distances us from our own responsibilities. Love is what brings us closer to our little souls.People around us pile their insecurities on us, in the name of experiences and expect us to follow the path. Every child is different same way every mother is different too. For once the mum should be allowed to trust her own instincts and listen to her heart. Her heart is none, but her own little munchkin whom she will, nurture, embrace and love always till her heart beats, irrespective of how much she is around.A Mother’ heart is a mother’s heart, whether she is a homemaker, a working woman or a woman who wants to live her life on her terms.


Gradually we will learn, learn to listen to our hearts. Time is the best teacher.


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