If You Want Your Kids To Succeed, Please Let Them Fail First

If You Want Your Kids To Succeed, Please Let Them Fail First

We have all taught our kids to succeed and fear failure. And in doing so, we have blocked the surest and the clearest path to their success. I'm sure most of us have done that or are doing it right now.


What I am trying to emphasize here is to  teach kids how to cope with failures. What most parents tend to do is to teach kids how to achieve success.


Unfortunately, you make the kids vulnerable to anxiety and melt downs. Instead, give them confidence and guide them through to face failures. Tell them nature has both good and bad, and that failure and success are two sides of the coin. Give them the endurance to flip the failure side to  success. As the world puts increased pressure on kids to be winners, and parents feel compelled to enable them in every way possible, we’re seeing more and more kids who become distraught over even the smallest misstep.


A few tips for parents to help kids face failures:

  • Firstly, show empathy, say it's OK to fail. Show compassion.
  • Secondly, make yourself a model. You can explain that failure is a part of life and happens to everyone, even you. You could share examples of “failures” you’ve had.
  • Most important is to step back and let them fail. Yeah, you heard it right. This could be a very painful task to see their children fail, but believe me it gives them confidence to face the world. Let them fail, let them experiment so that they would analyze what and where they went wrong. This will help them learn from mistakes.
  • Finally, give them confidence to face the reality, show them how to be successful and don't always ask them to be winners.
  • An initiative towards the same, to cheer those kids, For those little children who are insecure due to failures, come on move on Don't worry there are many more chances to win, come let's dance and spin. 
  • Grab the right opportunity to prove yourself intellectually.
  • Let the failure key open doors to your success, come let's open up and discuss.
  • Nothing is difficult, next time let's try to get better results.
  • Don't think this is the end, you have the right age to bend, and reach the goals and play your roles, until you succeed.
  • Papers cannot decide your destiny, fight right and don't show your tensity.
  • Live up to your spirit and prove you are not the one to quit.


Cheer up kids!

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