Have A Safe Car Ride With Your Baby

Have A Safe Car Ride With Your Baby

Do you guys know about the fact that car crashes are the number one cause of child fatalities for children between the ages of 1 and 13!  Especially in a country like India, where car seats are rarely used, it is surely a major concern. Here, it remains up to the parents whether to buy one or not. Even when I was a kid, my father would drive and I used to sit restlessly on my Mommy's lap. But am I doing the same with by child? No! I have been using a car seat since my child's first car drive. 


I believe that no rules by the government and less awareness among the people are the two most important factors responsible for low usage of car safety seats in India. And, for those people who are aware, they are unable to deal with their babies in a car seat.  The child ends up crying and parents just take them out. 


I have learnt a few ideas that will help your baby become a happy traveller.


  • Keep the car seat inside the house also - Let your baby sit and play in it. 
  • Keep separate toys for the car - Don't give the same toys they use inside the house also. New ones will attract them and hold their attention for a longer time. Teethers work best for my baby.
  • Hang toys- Hang some lightweight toys. My son loves them.
  • Short breaks- If going for a long journey, then take breaks after every 45 mins to 1 hour. 
  • Try music- Experiment with different kinds of music to soothe your baby.
  • Use Sunshade- Put up a sunshade on the window as the sunshine on your baby's face can make him cranky.
  • Comfort- Make sure that the baby is comfortable in the car seat and the belts should not be too tight. 
  • Always read the car seat safety Instruction Manual. Every car seat is different. Also, you can watch videos on YouTube.


I hope these points will be of some help. And I request everyone to use a car seat for the safety of your child. If there is anything we can do to keep our children safer, it’s well worth doing.

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