What Does Your Handbag Say About You?

What does your handbag say about you?

Whether you are a teenager, a working professional, an expecting mom, or a housewife,  every lady loves to carry a purse.


You may have it stuffed or not even have a single thing in it, but all of us make sure to carry our handbags. Some of us are crazy for bags and own hundreds of them.


Did you know your handbags reveal a lot about you? Read on for some fun facts. Psst, you could even gauge your new MIL, your maid, your lady boss or neighbour’s personality with this bag guide.


To begin with I will start with an age-old store place for women to carry money. Some old ladies or women from the village still use this place to store valuables. You guessed right…. “The blouse or the bra”. This category also includes people who love to store money in kitchen jars, boxes, in book bindings, or below sarees in the wardrobe.





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Comments (14)

Sowmya Prithvi

Hahaha☺️well I have all kinds of bags. But no bra purse 😅

Shiny Vincent

Never tried a Bra purse 😂😂
Rest me too have all others except jhola bag.😊

Khushboo Chag

Currently the only bag using is oversized one thanks to my baby..used all bt never tried a bra purse 😁

Meeta Rajani

I am one from the sling bag types and it does match with what I like to do apart from lots of responsibility 😋 not yet but may be in future because the babyyyyy is arriving soooonn 😂

Garima Singla

wallet or preferably no bag or hand bag at all when going to mall or market. otherwise I love to carry stylish medium size bag on my wrist .

Shruti Giri

Thanks to baby for the oversized bag

Gunjan Bhatla

Currently only oversized bag

Zegna Fayas

Currently oversized bag bcz kids

Aishwarya Shukla

I love diffrent types of bags

Richa Chowdhary

Hahaha.. i love all type of bags and team them up as per occasion or my mood or dress or even place I am going

Nisha Dayal

Have used all types of bags except; bra; purse; 😁

Mariyum Aaquib ( inas_and_mamas )

Ovr sized purses and slings

Jaya rao

I like all kinds of bag and i have but bra purse not available


I have a sling bag...that's all. Also true for me

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