How to Develop Your Child’s Brain: 20 Months – Language, Math And Art

How to Develop Your Child’s Brain: 20 Months – Language, Math And Art

22 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

Kuhoo Gupta (The K Junction)

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If you think you need fancy stuff to engage your 20-month-old at home, you are wrong. Just a couple of supplies and you are good to go! In this article, I will talk about language, maths & arts activities.



Even if you do not have a paint brush, your toddler can paint! Messy painting is a sensory experience for children and very important too! Here in this pic, I was at my mom’s place and I gathered items from the house for this activity. I used maida (all purpose flour) mixed with water and food colors and my homemade non-toxic paint was ready. I grabbed a clothespin, crumpled newspapers and put them into the mouth of clothespin and my DIY painting brush was ready. I gave this to my son and he had a ball messing around with the colors!



It is not necessary always to give a paper to paint. I gave my son twigs from our nature walk to paint and even used them as dandiya. Giving different textures to paint gives them different sensory experiences. These are tempera paints.



You did not buy any stacking toy for your child? Do not worry. Kitchen dabbas to the rescue! Let your child match the lids according to size and color and leave it to his imagination to do what he wants to do. My son stacked them since he was in that sensitive period of stacking everything! Matching is a pre-math activity.



Again a pre-math activity, sorting can be done with so many things if you look around at home. Here my son is sorting flowers according to the colors before making flower rangoli during Dussehra last year.



This is a DIY matching activity wherein the child is supposed to match the item that a certain animal eats. There are similar concept puzzles available in the market that will build your child’s vocabulary as well as concepts. Go ahead and feed their vocabulary.


Next, I will write about developmental activities for 21 months old kids. Follow me so that you do not miss an article.


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