Toddler Activities To Stimulate Their Five Senses: Touch

Toddler Activities To Stimulate Their Five Senses: Touch

My kiddos and me did activities related to each to the five senses recently. It is a great exercise as toddlers have heightened senses and stimulating them positively does great for their learning.  Besides, it was so much fun!! The activities have been segregated depending on the sense worked on.


Day 1 - Touch

I developed a lot  of sensory play activity for my twins since they were 8 months old The first sense I worked on was touch. I made them touch different textures of material. Leaves, flowers, rajma, dry pasta, satin, sponge, velvet and wool to name a few.


With age, we painted with different textures such as bubble wrap, foil, cotton, ear buds, leaves, sponge etc. Finger painting is our favourite! This helps in strengthening their fingers and in their fine motor skills.. This picture is them exploring rainbow foam and enjoying the feel of the bubbles with  different colours.


Here’s how you make rainbow foam!


Age - 2+  years.



  • One big tub
  • 1/4th cup - Dishwashing liquid (vim)
  • 4-6 cups Water
  • Food colours



  • Mix the liquid with water till it is foamy in the big tub, add few drops of food colour.
  • It is fun sensory activity and kids loved mixing the colours and playing with foam we hid our rings,blocks in the foam and found them!!


It was truly messy but totally worth it!

P.S - Please do this activity under adult supervision and ensure they don't put the foam in their mouth,eyes,nose,ears...

After this activity, I took them for bath and applied a good moisturizing cream on their body.


Stay tuned for more activities…..



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