Toddler Activities To Stimulate Their Five Senses: Smell

You will be surprised to know how sharp kids’ sense of smell is. They can distinguish smells much better than adults and if we teach them to differentiate between smells at an early age, their tastebuds also get developed early, paving way to eating a variety of foods.


I prepared this smell tray for my twins and asked them to smell and recognise them.


Materials I used:

  • Coffee powder
  • Cotton ball with Vicks
  • Tea
  • Cotton ball dipped in eucalyptus oil
  • Ghee
  • Cotton ball sprayed with perfume.


They are three plus years now and can identify different smells well. My son can smell and figure out whether it's cow ghee from outside or home made ghee.He would refuse eating rice with outside ghee saying, “This ghee smells.” So they could identify most of these in the smell tray and my daughter said, “Mom the eucalyptus oil smell is very strong and perfume smell is nice.”


Make your own smell tray and share with us.


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