8 Things To Do Before Your Baby’s Arrival

8 Things To Do Before Your Baby’s Arrival

23 Nov 2017 | 4 min Read


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Becoming a parent is the most exciting feeling of your life. Your life starts changing from the day you find out about your baby’s arrival date. As the date approaches , there is a lot of planning required to manage the new life and the new changes in your life.


I thought of sharing a quick post on what all did I do before my daughter was born to make her arrival exciting and the transitioning to parenthood easier for us.


Space for the Baby

It is your choice whether you want to make a separate room for your baby or you want to create space in your own bedroom.


We were sure about keeping baby very close to me after she was born. Hence we did not buy a separate cot/crib for her.



However, to keep all the new baby essential stuff we cleared out space in one of the cupboards to keep all baby related things there.


Shopping list

Most of the Indian families will not buy baby related stuff before the baby’s arrival. However, making a list of essentials which you would need is allowed.



I made a list of things I would need in hospital for myself or baby, another list of things which can wait till we returned from the hospital.


Prepare your kitchen

I knew I will be out in the hospital for a couple of days and then even after coming back home, it will be difficult to look into the kitchen. So I made sure I filled up all the groceries for a couple of days.



I also made a list of perishable items like milk, bread, eggs, vegetables which were to be brought on regular basis so that cooking at home can continue even in my absence.


Find help for after the birth

I am sure we all agree that after your child is born I will need some help to manage the daily chores apart from the baby for at least a few days.  I had started looking out for house help couple of weeks before my due date. I found a few and kept asked them to start coming before my baby’s delivery so that I can train them in my supervision.


Pack your hospital bag



From the list I had prepared, I picked up few hospital essentials for myself and baby and kept it in a bag ready. So that when the time comes I didnt have to rush to gather everything at one place.


Plan your confinement

In general, in Indian household 40 days of confinement period is a mandate. For a few girls this looks like a jail, but I had been preparing my mind for it as a time to relax,rest and recover. Time when you and your newborn get to bond with each other.


Important contact numbers



I had pasted list of important contacts like my maids, my doctor etc on a sticky note and pasted it on the fridge. So that in my absence, if someone has to be contacted its not a hassle for anyone.


Get your camera ready

Capturing memories is very important as per me. I may not be able to stop the beautiful time but I can surely look back at the pictures now and cherish the moment.


Hope the blog is helpful for you to get yourself ready for baby’s arrival.


DIsclaimer: All pictures taken from the internet.


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