Working Mom Vs Stay at Home Mom

Working Mom Vs Stay at Home Mom

Irrespective of the fact whether a mother is working full time or stays at home, she puts in all her effort on her children. Be it feeding or a school activity, a mother is always there to help out. A working mother manages to fulfill her official duty and also give necessary attention to the kids. Professional responsibilities will never make a mom neglect the requests of her children. It is very unfair to shame a working mother just because she decided to balance her professional pursuits with a family life A working mother also does full justice to her children as far as providing them with love and care is concerned.


Stay at home moms equally do a lot of juggling around to make the ends meet. It is definitely not a life filled with comfort. Keeping up with house cleaning, taking kids to different activities, keeping up with their daily task with no rest and 'Me' time can be really taxing. A working mom gets to step out of the house, leaving the domestic duties behind, at least she gets a chance to step into a different world and inhale a fresh gush of wind. People fail to realize that the stay at home mom has a full time job only difference being her office is at home. She has the same deadlines and commitments that needs to be met day in and day out.


It is a choice that a woman makes that defines her as a working or a stay at home mom. What is important is that the choice should be made by her after extensive deliberations. The state of mind of a mom affects the upbringing of the children to a great extent.Hence it is important to make a choice to work or not to work after embracing motherhood with an open mind. Judging a mother based on whether she is working or prefers to stay at home is definitely not right. A mother will always embrace her kids with love and affection which can never be substituted by anything else in the world.


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