Maa Tujhe Salaam!

Maa Tujhe Salaam!

23 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

neha doshi

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Recently, the news of Miss India winning the Miss World title is trending on each and every social media site. A video clipping is also doing the rounds of her answer which was the winning stroke and instantly got her the most coveted title in the world of glamour, beauty and fashion. She quoted that a mother’s job is the most loved and respected and deserves the highest salary. Truly said and every mother across the world would agree with her. A mother’s job is never done. She is always working and yet is the most underpaid. A mother doesn’t want to be paid in cash; all she wants to be paid with is love, care and respect that she deserves. She deserves homage and that’s exactly what I’ve tried to express with words here.


Mother. A small word yet your entire world revolve around it. A powerful aura that surrounds your entire being till eternity. An entity that devoted all her life to be there for you and put you and your needs above everything. An individual who cries unbearably whilst you are in pain and smiles with pride in your happiness.  That is the supremacy of a mother and no one in this whole wide world can replace her or take her place instead. She is your bearer and has taken immense pain to bring in you in this world and raise you against all the odds, thereafter. No amount of wealth would suffice to repay her deeds as a mother. Period.


They say God is everywhere. They are right. You see Him everywhere in the form of mother who is no less than a God to her child. A child looks upon his mother for every little thing and dotes on her like a devotee to God. Such is her magnificent persona which compels you to trust in her abilities like you believe in the power of a magician. She is indeed magical and can take away your pains and worries magically just with a warm embrace or a light pat in the head. Blessed are those who have that hand on their head coz there are thousands of children who are devoid of this simple yet most vital privilege you are meant to have.


For a mother, happiness means her children. She simply cannot enjoy even a single vacation without her children. If it means choosing between the two she would, without a doubt, choose her children and happily so. And this is just one example. There are many other instances like this where her kids take precedence over her enjoyment and bliss. And she bears it all without uttering a word and always with a smile on her face. There are so many facets of being a mother and she stands par excellence in each of them, without any qualms!  A shout out to all the mothers out there.. Maa, tujhe salaam!


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