Don't Suppress The Negative Emotions

Don't Suppress The Negative Emotions

Most of us or rather 99% of us believe or feel that we should not really talk much about some depressing instances of our lives. Rather we should suppress those feelings and move on in life. Yes, part of it is certainly true that you should move on but at what cost? This is a bigger concern that needs to be addressed. These days we only see social media feeds of happy moms with their adorable babies, nothing wrong in it, yes, that's the way about it. But I want to question the very foundation of it, was the road to being happy so easy? Were each one of you able to manage your postpartum depression easily or were you even in the know of it initially? How difficult was it for you to deal with that guilt trip where no one but you was besides you? Yes, I am being brutally honest because I feel that there are not just hundreds but lakhs of women out there who would be going through this trauma post pregnancy without even knowing the criticality of it at all. With this blog, I would like to reflect on some of the burning issues that a newly mom faces and how can those smaller things can turn havoc into your lives later on...


Yes, being mother is an extremely overwhelming feeling among all. Overwhelming in both senses good & worse. Good because you are the creator of another life and that's an extension of your existence and worse because it comes with its own set of responsibilities which is unknown territory for us. Being a mother of twins doubles or even triples all these emotions and it gets extremely harder every passing day. Right from the time you give birth, you are being judged on every single step of yours... oh, this is how you should have holded the baby, this is how you have to feed the baby, care for the baby and the list of humiliation goes on & on & on. The bigger blow comes from your better half who himself is in a very different planet, can't comprehend the situation and ultimately makes it all the more worse for you by not giving you enough attention (the least you expected from him). From hereon, things just start getting tangled into  loops of complexities.


From the hospital nurses to everyone, you become experimenting species and most importantly everyone around you becomes the know all and preach all. You don't really know how to breastfeed and people out there feel that this are just the basics of being mom. You start feeling guilty of being a mother at that very moment and start distancing yourself from your baby. These are actually the real-life instances and not made up stories. You start getting disinterested in everything you do because your day's ultimate routine ends up into being a milking cow and clean their pee and poops at regular intervals in between.


By the night, you feel that your partner should be besides you to comfort you and then another set of frustration starts building up because your spouse unknowingly wants to comfort you by giving you a night's sleep which ultimately gets turned into a nightmare of he not being with you. Day, months and another year pass by like this and there is a growing vacuum within the girl, which is hard to evacuate now. Sexual desires not just take the backseat, they just get buried the moment you conceive. I am sure many women out there would have such a strong feelings among them and they would want to share it with someone who don't judge them and don't make fun of them.


As blogger mom myself, I would like to  offer such deep driving insights for every woman out there and I hope that most of you would also be able to get those feelings out of your system because in a true sense a counselor also removes all your negative emotions out of your system to make way for things full of positive vibes.


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