How I Dealt With Colic in My Baby

How I Dealt With Colic in My Baby

As a first time mom with no experience being around young kids I didn’t know what was infantile colic. I had heard about menstrual colic but colic in babies nope nothing!!


After the first 2 months my daughter would cry in the evening and I wouldn’t know why?? I had just fed her. She hadn’t even done potty and the crying just wouldn’t stop. We would rock her, play some soothing music,feed her again thinking that she must still be hungry. But NO the crying just wouldn’t stop.


We took her to the paediatrician and he told us that she has COLIC and it’s seen in almost 20 to 40 percent of infants!!


It’s basically episodes of crying generally in late afternoons or evenings in otherwise healthy baby. He said could be intestinal cramping. it’s also like a cycle as when u cry u breathe in more air so more gas in the tummy. He prescribed her the usually colic aid drops and when that would not work her gave colimex drops. But still she kept having these colic episodes which by now were almost a daily fixture!


I was so stressed, that looking at her cry I felt helpless as I couldn’t make her stop crying and didn’t know how to help her.


One day, I was reading up somewhere that sometimes what u eat doesn’t suit the baby (as she was exclusively breastfed) which isn’t suiting her and by chance that day I hadn’t eaten the Methi ladoo (patent for all new moms) and ajma mukhwas and that day she was all fine smiling and happy and we were overjoyed. Of course I didn’t realise it that day that it was because of my diet change so this happened for 2 more days and that’s when it struck me that I had stopped eating ladoo n mukhwas (not a fan of either of them) and that my eating methi and ajma was causing her trouble as these food are know to be heavy and gassy which didn’t suit her so I stopped it completely and she was all fine!!!


So to new mums out there I know colic can be troublesome and can leave you High and dry but sometimes changes in your diet can also help as it did to me!


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