Dedicated To The Man Of My Life

Dedicated To The Man Of My Life


Behind every successful man is a woman is the usual trend. But let's do it vice versa. Behind every woman who is successful, there is a man indeed. I'm privileged to talk about all the men who is standing beside each and every woman in her everyday routine, doing the household chores, raising children, taking care of finances last but not the least, the endless love that they have for their woman in their lives. None of us can deny that.

Relationships are all about the compromise. You can’t really make a family, work if no one is willing to go the extra mile or let go of certain desires. It’s all about balancing your personal needs with what’s best for everyone.


International Men's day was being celebrated recently so I decided to dedicated something to the men in my life.



'You are the one who watched me fall, yet you held my hands and made me stand tall.

Sometimes I feel I'm left alone to scream, You have always been with me behind the scene.

A man of few words and inexpressible, I thought,

But you have proved me wrong with your love on the spot.

You gave up a lot in your whole life just to make our children's wings spread and arise, Those sunken eyes say a lot about all the sacrifice.

Your love for us is like the sky widespread, you always cheer us with your lovely gesture There were times when you were sunk and upset, still you go an extra mile to bring that lovely smile.

You are the man that we admire, I pray God to shield you with all that you desire.

To me your name is another meaning of love!


I am proud to have those two beautiful men, My father and My Husband.

Through my Father the journey of my life began and you are my lovely husband who gave my life a meaning.

Thank you once again My husband who does not doubt my courage, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman. Nothing has brought more content to me than being his wife.


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