9 Tips On Doing A Road Trip With Toddlers

9 Tips On Doing A Road Trip With Toddlers

We recently did a road trip with our 3yr old not so car friendly toddler to  mahabaleshwar and must confess it went well.

I always dread long road trips  as ms K doesn’t like sitting in the car for a long time short distance is ok but otherwise she just gets cranky. 


So as our this trip was being planned I was dreading it more than her as to how I will I manage her. So here are few tips which worked very well for us.


  • We started telling her about our destination, a good few days in advance, as to what you will get to do e.g. horse riding, eating strawberry cream swimming pool (basically about the things she like) as an incentive. This made her look forward to this trip and she was all excited. Once, she got excited we told her but it’s almost 6hr drive and we will have to stay and sit in the car behind to reach there and she said ok!! So Preparing her was the key.
  • Leave Early - leaving early before the crazy traffic starts is the best way, as we cover a lot of distance in a short time.
  • We also made sure that she takes a nap in the car so took that also in consideration while leaving so she can also rest and we get a break in between and when they do wake up they are fresh again.
  • Carry favorite Toys and Books - a few days before, I started hiding her favourite books and toys and placed them in the car so she got excited on seeing them. A few of our favourites were sticker books,lift the flap books- Mellisa and Doug on the go series, Doodle pro small whiteboard and chalk lacing etc.
  • Carry Favorite Food Items - Like Fruits, Bread, Cheese puffs, Dryfruits and whatever else u may think your child likes. We did halt for breakfast, so we had carried.
    only dry snacks.
  • Bribes - Yes, I did have to bribe her halfway through with a lollipop as she was bored sitting in the car for that long and this gave us like a good 30 mins of bliss and then she dosed off happily. Other things, which I carried were small dairy milk cadbury, honeybee cake pool mints.
  • Take Stops - On our way back we left post 10 and we reached only by evening so we did take like 3 stops.
  • Carry Medicines - Ask your doctor and carry the necessary medicines as to avoid motion sickness and the vomiting.
  • Music - Carry their favourite songs and nursery rhymes and sing along with them!

We didn’t even realise when our holiday got over and we were back with our routine life!


Be calm and positive and everything will work out just the way you want it to be!!
Happy parenting !!!


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