You Should Never Judge A Mom

You Should Never Judge A Mom

The day I was born, my entire family rejoiced except my mom. But please don’t judge her since she was in pain, weak and fighting to survive just to bring me safely into this world.


When I cried in the middle of the night, she woke up and spent endless nights with me, comforting me and rocking me back to sleep. But there were times when she didn’t. Please don’t judge her for that since she was tired and sleep deprived for making sure I slept peacefully.


She left me in the hands of my grandmother/nanny when I turned three months, but please don’t judge her for that since she needed to get back to work and struggled to retain her identity at the same time fighting her inner conscience which was ridden with guilt for leaving me. It was harder for her than it was for me, trust me.


When I was a toddler, my mom went for a holiday  with my dad. Without me. But please don’t judge her for that as she needed to spend some time with him as well, alone. I indeed am the center of her existence and have taken precedence over my dad, however, occasionally it becomes essential to rekindle their relationship which  has taken a backstage after my arrival and strengthen their bond. For my sake. I don’t want a broken family you see.


Yes, my mom yells at me and often gives timeouts. But please don’t judge her for that as she is not a saint and I drive her to that point of insanity by testing her patience every single day. Believe me I don’t do it on purpose and is not my intention but somehow always end up doing that. I wish I could tell her sorry for putting her through this when I grow up.


Please don’t judge my mom when she is in mad furry over my public tantrums; it is she who has to bear the brunt and accusing eyes of the strangers and passers by. Obviously, it is the mom who everyone blames for not being able to control and manipulate her child to behave in a certain manner.


My mom put me in school early even though I wasn’t ready yet. But please don’t judge her for that as it wasn’t because she was over-ambitious for me but it was because I can learn to channelize my abundant energies in a constructive way while making new friends, simultaneously, with whom I can interact and play with.


She left her job and career soon after she got pregnant with me. Not because she could not manage both of us or was incapable but because she made me her priority and chose me over her high profile career. So please don’t judge her for being ‘just a mother’.


Please don’t judge her when at age four I’m still in my diapers and have frequent ‘accidents’ because she tried every possible way to potty train me but I just adamantly  refused to learn and oblige her with that sense of achievement and happiness.


When she struggles to get a morsel down my mouth and runs after me all day just so that I eat or drink, please don’t judge her as she only wants me to be healthy and nutritious by ensuring that I am well fed.


When I’m hurt or crying and my mom doesn’t come to comfort me, please don’t judge her as she is the one who needs comforting more than I do. She just cannot see me in pain or suffering.


If, at times, she goes out with her friends or goes shopping or just pampers herself at the spa; please don’t judge her as every once in a while even she needs a break from all her mom duties and find back the woman within her before she became a mother. She needs to replenish her soul mind and body so she can take better care of me.


Although she seems a little carefree or careless, please don’t judge her because she desperately wants me to be self reliant and confident and be able to take care of myself when she is not around.


When she is angry and stops talking to me or punishes me, please don’t judge her as all she wants is for me to be more disciplined and be a better person when I grow up.

Please don’t judge her for anything she does or doesn’t do for me, because whatever and however she does it; it will be done keeping in mind nothing but my welfare. She wouldn’t do anything that will harm or hurt me, you know.


And this not about just me or my mom, I speak on behalf of every child who has a mother. For a child his mother is his world. In his eyes, his mother can do no wrong, ever. So why do we, as mothers, feel the need to judge someone’s parenting style or favor one way to another? Every mother has a right to take the path she feels is more suited for her child. We may agree or disagree with each other’s way of parenting but definitely there’s no right or wrong way. What you do with all your heart in it could never be wrong according to me. After all, we all are bonded for life with one common factor and that is motherhood with one common goal of bringing up better human beings. So instead of judging each other let’s celebrate each other and our journey called.. Motherhood!


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