How To Develop Your Child's Brain at 20 Months: Practical Life Activities

At 20 months, your child is perhaps very interested in everything you are doing at home. S/he, at this age, loves to imitate adults. Practical life activities help a lot in this case. It is great to involve them in household chores and teach them life skills. Academics will come anyways in life soon.



Sure, it takes a lot of time for a toddler to peel an onion that you can use in kitchen but it gives him such pleasure in accomplishing this task. Helping an adult boosts his self esteem. And it is a great fine motor activity that increases concentration & helps in hand-eye coordination.





Montessori recommends involving kids in taking care of their stuff; they are in a sensitive period around this age. Give them opportunities to clean their own toys. Give them a tub full of water with some scrubbers and they can do the needful. Here in the pic, my son discovered that rains can wash his toy truck so he went out on the terrace to wash it. And then he wiped off the truck using a cloth napkin too. It helps build sequencing skills and the concentration they exhibit in such activities is amazing.



Boy or girl, doll play is a must for any child. A boy might become a father in future and a girl, a mother. Kids learn empathy and care when they play with dolls, when they feed them something, when they pretend to give them a bath etc. Let us keep the gender bias out from children’s play items.


Involve your child in household chores in whatever capacity you can and soon you will see how enthusiastic they will be to help you even more. They love practical life activities.


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