The Woman In Me!

The Woman In Me!

27 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

neha doshi

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Every year we celebrate women’s day with aplomb. Though, have you ever wondered why do we celebrate women’s day? A simple answer would be, A day to celebrate the woman in us. The woman in me and you. Yet the woman in me does not want my child to be like her. Yes, you read that right. Every woman dreams and hopes that her children become an extension of their personality and traits. But not me. I, infact, would plead her not to become what I am.


The woman in me is incredibly tolerant. Oh yes! Tolerant of everything around her. Tolerant of the inequality amongst men and women in our country. Tolerant of the way women are treated and perceived as the weaker sex. Tolerant of the amount of injustice a woman has to go through to survive in this male dominant country. Tolerant of the horrendous rapes and crimes happening with the women of our country. Tolerant of the ‘intolerant’ people of our country. Yes, I’m tolerance impersonified.


The woman in me is extremely timid. Always worried about the safety of my family. Fearful about the mounting terrorism and extinction of humanity. Terrified of being judged by the so-called society. Apprehensive about the future of the children of our country and the world we are leaving for them. Scared to voice my opinion in fear of the rising intolerance and its after effects. Yes, I am afraid to live fearlessly.


The woman in me is confined to boundaries. Bounded by the infinite responsibilities that comes with being a woman. Bounded by the preconceived notions of how a woman is expected to behave in the society. Restricted by the set parameters to chase my dreams and turn them into a reality. I want to fly beyond boundaries and rediscover  the woman in me in a whole new light.


The woman in me is emotionally weak. Not strong enough to muster up the courage to fight for the rights of women. Not strong enough to bring about the change I would like to see for becoming a women-friendly country. Not strong enough to stand up against the prejudice we have to face being a woman. Not strong  enough to even read the newspaper which is filled with all the depressing news. Yes, I’m a fragile woman who thinks with her heart instead of her mind.


The woman in me wants my child to be strong, to be fearless, to dream, to achieve, to fly, to be a fighter, to be intolerant to any wrongdoings and above all to live a life as a woman should and deserve to live… Freely!

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