Do We Know The Other Side of Our Miss World 2017?

Do We Know The Other Side of Our Miss World 2017?

So everybody around is talking about the new Miss World - Ms Manushi Chhillar. Little did we bother to throw some light on what difficulties she went through and how much hard work does it takes to be an all rounder and represent your country on such a big platform. She has beautifully added feathers to the Indian glory; she got back the crown in the country after a long wait of 17 years. 


But is it only her hard work that has made her what she is today? I believe it takes a big heart and a strong mind to let your child who is studying medicine, follow her dream of being in a beauty pageant. From being a doctor to being Miss India and then Miss World is not an easy transition. Where such competitions are still being looked down upon by a particular section of the society in our country, her parents have proved it’s not only about beauty but also about brains. 


Raising a multi talented child needs a lot of efforts from a parent’s end. She is a complete package - a dancer, a medicine student, Miss World beauty contest winner. It’s not only an achievement for her but also for her parents and it reflects what rift style of parenting can groom the child into. 


Her answer that made her win the title, shows how grounded she is. It’s beautiful to see how she is attached to the values of life and respects her relations. A human who acknowledges motherhood and understands what a mother goes through to bring up her child, has a heart of gold and truly deserves the title of miss world. When she talks about love and respect in terms of cash and salary, it’s amazing to see at such a young age she is mature enough to understand the value of feelings and emotions over the material happiness. 


It not only takes beauty and brains but also a very calm and pure heart to win such Pageants. It’s beautiful to see a young girl reflecting the values of her nation. A nation where a mother is worshiped, where a mother is considered to be the highest paid profession, where a mother is respected.


Manushi's Parents


Do you believe in rift parenting too? Will you let your child follow their dreams, if their profession and the dream that they want to follow are two poles apart. When I thought about this as a parent I had no answer for myself for while. Then I realised its important to let them be, to let them follow their heart. In order to let them achieve success in whatever they do.


Also I have realised that I want to raise my child with these values of respecting and acknowledging the kindness around her. Its important for us a parent to make children understand that happiness is not only about materialistic things, we need to raise children who values family, who respects relations.


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