What's Wrong In Being Desi?

Today, I came across the updates of a mother on one of the social platforms. The story had her son trying to eat food through the help of a fork and a spoon. The caption read as “my kiddo learning table manners all by himself”. A chord struck within me. Not that I am against eating food with forks and spoons but does eating with hands (which the child must have been doing till now) qualify as no table manners. Almost 99% of the Indian population (barring the 1% ultra-elite who think it is below them to eat food with their own hands) eat their food with hands. What is wrong in that? By the way, how do you eat your roti sabzi with it? Or do you make a pizza out of it first and then proceed?


Isn’t it strange how everything Indian is looked down upon? When Indians headed to gym shunning Yoga, the world started preaching and practicing it. When we don’t even bother about Sanskrit, the Howards and Oxfords continue to teach it, rather even call it the Language of the God’s. When we don’t take Ghee terming it to be a weight inducing agent, United States continues to sell it for reduction of bad insoluble fats. I see kids these days and elders alike raising their eyebrows if asked to poop in an Indian style lavatory. But do you know the latest study reveals that, that posture is the best to expel out the stuff from our intestines and the English Commode has actually increased the problem of constipation (of course! I do not deny its usefulness in case of elderly and sick).


I certainly do not have any qualms with somebody eating with whatever they like. It’s a personal choice altogether. My only submission is do not frown upon the “Desi” way of eating. Do not make the person feel uncomfortable and degraded. The 5 star hotels are a classic example.


Hope we do not teach our kids this false sense of supremacy.


Afterthought: It will be quite soon that the world starts using their fingers for the enormous amount of therapeutic properties it has!!


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Wooow...this is amazing Priyanka...I loved every bit of it....
Is it a Momathon post...or I missed it on the app???

Thanks Shruti... no it is not a momathon post..

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Good read and informative too. . Thanks Priyanka
When u eat with ur hands u join ur fingers ..this improves consciousness of the taste of food you are eating..and there r many other good reasons why we shouls eat with our hands

Absolutely avani... you know i feel indians hv become like half educated fools.. just blindly aping west.. when actually west is trying to take our wisdom... US has patented turmeric as an antibiotic n indian government is hopelessly still fighting the case. This is just an example.. n yes, eating with hands has enourmous benefits for us.

True that Priyanka

Just wow... Loved this post... What a great post to end my day.
I remember some instances which I have seen; after reading this. When I lived in hostel in Delhi... One gal who was my senior was from Gaya and she used her hands to eat rice daal... Other gal who was her roommate started teasing her saying Bihari and all... Simply eating with hands meant down graded for her. Don't really understand where these people are heading to.

True sonam patel... speaking in english even with waiter, using forks n spoons hv become symbols of status... empty vessel makes more noise.. i feel thats the case.. but the numbers r increasing day by day

Oh wow...love the post.

Priyanka this is just awesome. I have a whole list of our indian cultural/things/rituals/ideas that we have taken for granted or rubbished, but now the West is picking up n selling it to the world.
I remember saying this to someone-"fingers were made/used before forks"

I loved this post! I am totally unashamedly "Desi" !! People who have a problem with it . . Well it's THEIR problem.

So very true dr. Payal... probably its still the burden of the British legacy where they convinced every indian mind that we are useless.. n our stuffs n methods r useless. In fact we are so naive that we call ramayan n mahabharat as mythology.. like really.. as per indian scriptures, these events happened. The lanka brindge is even proved By nasa. Still we call them as mythology? Something out of imagination. Something which is a myth

@sumirabhatia.. absolutely.. its their problem.. not ours...😍

True..loved this post..😊

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