10 Things I Love Which Money Can’t Buy

10 Things I Love Which Money Can’t Buy

27 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

Sharvi H

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As a mom, value of your own life and your angels is what is incomparable to any wealth in the world. So here’s putting my value for Money in perspective …I have listed the 10 things that Money cannot buy which are of immense value to me as a wife,mom and above all, a Woman.


A fun lunch outing with friends and friends of friends :  Rs 2000

A meeting with your Soulmate and future husband  through that is PRICELESS!

A wedding running in lakhs of rupees.

A bond of true love forever is PRICELESS!

A Stay at a Maldives beachside resort  $300.

Meditating at an untouched beach undisturbed for over an hour is PRICELESS!

A pregnancy test kit Rs 100.

The joy of seeing those 2 pink lines is PRICELESS!

Gynae, Delivery and Hospital bills a lakh or so.

The joy of holding your baby in your arms for the first time is PRICELESS

An army of expensive bottles and formula milk, or money spent on increasing your breastmilk.

The joy of a well nourished baby sleeping peacefully is PRICELESS

Toys, rattles, baby gear, play gyms etc more than Rs5000.

The smile they bring, albeit short lived, on your baby’s face is PRICELESS


At the huge cost of sacrificing an entire year taking care of our pregnant selves, and post delivery spending precious nights without sleep, dark circles and bad hair days everyday.

Our Baby looking at us and treating us like the most beautiful creature they have ever seen, those precious moments of cuddles and kisses are PRICELESS


A nanny or maid to tend to your child : Rs 500 per day.

A daddy coming in early from work just to tell you, “now you relax , I’ll handle the baby for 2 hours.. Go ahead, take a nap ” is PRICELESS


Education, higher studies, jobs abroad, an entire life of expenses spent on your child.

That one moment when they are all grown up and dedicate a song, post or blog to your name, telling you how much you have done for them, and how you are the best MOM in the whole wide world is PRICELESS

For everything else there’s Mastercard !


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