Is Your Pati Your Parmeshwar?

Is Your Pati Your Parmeshwar?

28 Nov 2017 | 3 min Read

Priyanka Maheshwari@Momzjourne

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Somehow I have hit the wrong chords today. Maybe I have gotten up the wrong side of the bed (wish I knew which the right one was). It seems whatever I say is not going well with my mother- in – law and whatever she is saying is seemingly irritating me to the core.


One such topic spruced up. I heartily try to avoid these as somehow I am unable to keep my mouth shut.  But this one was served to me on the platter. Hence I had no choice but to eat it and since I did not like it, I vomited. So, it happened that the husband of her friend seems to help her in household chores daily. So, the other ladies were criticizing her that how it doesn’t look nice that a man should be doing these works. I kept quiet. She chuckled and continued that now her 12 year old son seemed to have shouted, “Dad! You will not do this anymore”. The other ladies were so happy about it!! It seemed as if a prince riding on a white horse had come to the rescue of the trapped princess! This was the point beyond which I couldn’t keep quiet. Bang! An argument ensued. But to no avail. The age old grain that has been sown in such minds have taken the shape of a big banyan tree. No matter how much the wind blows, the roots stay strong.


My simple question was, what has the men done to deserve being treated like Gods? Was it justified that a 12-year-old child speaks in such a manner eulogizing the male and demeaning the divine. What values are we putting in their small heads? Will they still carry the baggage of our orthodox past? Had the child said the same thing if his mother would have been doing the chores. No. Because we as a society have stereotyped roles relating to gender. The mothers of a male child have this huge responsibility of raising a man who is sensitive to the women. Thank God! There are exceptions or else, Kalpana Chawla would never have gone in space and Sanjeev Kapoor would never have plated-up a dish.


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