Special Skin Care during Winter

Special Skin Care during Winter

Dry skin is a big problem everyone faces during each winter. No matter how many moisturizers one uses there arise various problems like cracked feet, itchy and red skin, cuts and infections on fingers and toes, etc.

Everyone is aware of cosmetic moisturizers available freely in the market but few are aware of good medicated moisturizers. According to your skin type you must use your cosmetic products in the winters for extremely dry skin emollient are best choice.

Back is the most neglected part of your body. Special care must be taken to moisturize that part of your body. One must avoid taking very hot water baths in winter which leads to more dryness of the skin.

Various problems of dry skin like psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis tend to flare up in winter. One must take proper care before the start only say 15-20days prior with proper moisturization.

Lotion is easy to apply and is therefore a better choice over creams. One must use a gentle face wash or cleansing lotion to avoid excessive drying.

Wear woolens over cotton clothes if you are allergic or sensitive to such clothes.

Consult a dermatologist as and when required.

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