Mother Toddler Programme starting at Windchimes on 1st December 2014

In this program the parent will come to Wind Chimes three times a week for 1 ½ Hour accompanied by their child.

The child in the infant to toddler age range is capable of amazing learning. The infants attend our program accompanied by an adult until they are ready to move into the independent program. [ Play group & Nursery are the independent programs ]

The Parent/Toddler Class is an opportuni­ty for parent/caregiver and child to explore together. In each class there will be a variety of interesting materials and activities from which to choose. Although there are facilitators in the class, they will not take over directing the children but rather encourage the child’s interest in various materials and activities.

During that time, a nurturing space for the children is created with free-play, circle-time, while also guiding the parents in activities. This allows the children to gain confidence in socializing with others while still in the presence of their parents. The songs, rhymes, and games learned by the children can be shared at home especially when there is a mom or dad who has learned them too.

There are great advantages in offering a program that includes parents, grandparents, or caregivers. The parents of this age group are truly at the most "reachable/teachable moment" for parent education.

For the young child it is normal to play alone, therefore we are not trying to develop a sense of group.

The Toddler Program allows us to help

  • improve gross and fine motor skills
  • develop receptive and expressive language
  • help the child understand relationships with self, peers, and loved ones
  • nourish curiosity and enjoyment of activities and objects

Play Leads to Learning:

Experience has shown us that your child will jump right into the toddler classroom life because the child will spend a lot of time doing what all children love - playing. Play provides immeasurable learning opportunities. And the structured play of our curriculum gives toddler teachers many ways to infuse skill building among all different developmental domains: physical, language, socio-emotional and cognitive. Even though at this young age toddlers do not truly play with their peers - they'll play next to other children, but not with them - our teachers lay a foundation for your toddler to eventually learn to play interactively with others. Facilitators

Our program is based on supporting the child’s need to explore. The facilitators will plan activities and help shape the environment in order to provide a rich atmosphere in which the children can play and discover. The facilitators are also available as a resource for the children and their parents or care givers.


The parental role in our program is vital. Parents are asked to encourage and support the child’s interest in all activities. stay with your child and interact with your child whatever activity he/she may choose sit with your child and participate in group time.

For further details you may visit Windchimes Education,
Bhalla House, 97 Hill Road,
Opp. St Andrews Church, Bandra West,
Mumbai - 400 050

Or contact :
Punita Bhalla on
91 9820066815,

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