6 Things Every Working Mother Should Do

All my articles so far have been parenting related but wanted to dedicate one to the working mothers who are trying their best to live up to the expectations from both the worlds with too many stakeholders to manage


We all get so absorbed in our daily routine/activities, we need to give some thought to what are we doing and what should we be doing.


Hence, here are my few recommendations for your consideration:

1. Outsource - If you are anywhere related to IT industry, you are well used to this terminology essentially, it means, to have your proxy/replacement where you can. Please focus all your energies to spend time with your little one outside of work and hire help for the work that can be managed without your involvement (cooking, cleaning etc). It is OK to ignore mess on certain days or eat outside as your cook got sick. Try and focus your energies for your little one especially in the early years as they grow up real fast before we realize.


2. Prioritize - When my daughter was born, initial months just went by and couldn’t really do anything effectively. Then I realized it really helps to prioritize as it gives you control on how you want to plan things rather than being just driven from the routine. Break the cycle and consciously plan your days and weekends.


3. Support System - This is often the most concerning question for both working parents and here’s what needs to be done. First, you need to be clear and independent of any family support. The onus is on you and your partner. It is great if you have family support but could get demanding for our parents to manage as they have their own lifestyle, health issues or in some cases simply unwilling too but respecting their choices would help you plan better for self and them too. Establish your own support systems in terms of nanny, day-care or friends etc. Ideally, you should have a working model between you and your Partner i.e. selectively working from home, either parent supporting for odd hours call etc. It’s time corporates should start respecting Men for declining official calls due to babysitting, as the same organization might be encouraging women representation on board to support diversity statistics.


4. Health - By health, I mean both food and exercise. We are essentially very good planners when it comes to our kids but lazy to have plan for self. My recommendation is simple to just follow your little one’s routine i.e. have small meals and coordinate it with your child where you don’t forget and eat healthy too. Then the toughest part, exercise and regularity around the same. Trust me this will go long way for you as an individual and as a mother to support your super active kids.


5. Guilt Free Self-Indulgence - Discuss with your partner and decide on a dedicated time for self where you do something in a day that you enjoy. It could be reading, writing, baking, dancing, watching series/movies, or just doing NOTHING. This is must to keep our Sanity intact.


6. Power to ignore - Between all that you do throughout the day, it is very important to remember to IGNORE things that don’t really matter to you. I am still learning but it does help for mental peace and works as purifier for the mental peace. Remember to keep the Garbage out!!


Lastly, just congratulate yourself for successfully managing it so well so far. Also, it is time for us to stop taking pride in multi-tasking and respect the needs of our body, mind and soul too.


Keep calm and carry on !!


This article is an entry for BLOG-A-THON.


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Comments (12)

Himani Aggarwal

Rightly said .. some simple things we end up ignoring just to be good mothers and forgetting the self part which is equally essential for only when you are happy and fit you can keep your kids happy and give them a perfect upbringing.. keep writing

Moneet Kaur

Indeed Himani.. if you see even in self well being we find a reason dependent on our children and their upbringing to keep us going.. so not fully selfish :)

Sarbjit kaur

I am; not a working mother; nor I was , ever, but I see plenty of them in next generation including my two working mother daughters. This write up is definitely useful collection of tips. Well documented.;;


Very true👍👍

Manpreet Kaur Bhatia

Very well written. This explains all necessary to have work life balance and also not forget about self’s mind and body health too 👍

Neha Sharma

Hi Moneet! I am so happy to see you write and share yourjourney with others who can benefit from your own experiences. I would encourage you to write more and never lose that spark! All the best! :)

Vikrant Rajput

Very well put !

rajiv sarin

Nice article...

Moneet Kaur

Thank you all

bhawna prajapati

This is exactly what I was looking for.

nino bambino

Great blog every new mom should read this once. Its very essential to take care of babies food and clothes as well. So always shop organic newborn baby boy clothes to make your child happy and keep safe from skin allergies.

Suchitra K

yes i also agree with ignoring the things which we dont need

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