Bidding Adieu - My Child’s First Day At The School

Bidding Adieu - My Child’s First Day At The School

This morning as I dropped him off to school for the very first time I had no words to express my emotions. When the teacher was taking him away, in my mind he was looking like a lamb ready to be slaughtered. His howls were echoing in the school hallway.

I was feeling as if the virtual umbilical cord which was making us so attached is being chopped off. It was heart wrenching & smothering because he was crying but I couldn't do anything but leave the premises. I called my mom with tears in my eyes & started outpouring my emotions. She listened calmly & then just like an old wise owl gave me the best suggestion in 3 little words Let Him Grow


Separation is difficult both for the child & parents but very often parents’ anxiety give an extra leverage to child's anxiety. For them, we are the role models or equivalent to god in their world and they can articulate our emotions very well. (so if they see a tear dropping out of your eye they can show you an entire Indian ocean right there and then).Don't get fooled by those cow eyes ,they are way smarter than they look. Just smile & leave quickly after saying a proper goodbye and assuring the child 'I'll see you in a while'.


If your child clings to you or refuses to participate in the class, don't get upset this may only upset your child more. Remember, you being an adult also have inhibitions before going to a new place or meeting a new person. So give them some time, don't get impatient or lose hope.


Trust the teachers. If they tell you to leave, please leave. They are trained and know how to calm the child. Don't compare them to Ms.Trunchbull from the movie Matilda (my favorite movie till date). Think about the amazing things they'll learn because school is the first base for a child to learn valuable life lessons such as how to share, take turns, make friends and follow rules which also prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.


Although it may not seem like it on the first day, you will begin to enjoy having some time to yourself. For instance, the first thing I did was (besides writing this blog) joined a gym. The pounds which I had piled since his birth finally had to go. You can also plan something fun you can look forward to on the first day (coffee with a friend, reading a great novel or doing a little window shopping at the mall). You can also make new friends at the preschool itself with other mothers who are also going through the same ordeal.


After spending so much time together, separating  from your  child is bound to be a bit difficult for both you and your child. Be positive and you will find it to be much easier than you could have thought. You are both sure to treasure your special time together even more after having a little time apart!



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