I Will Be There For You My Child

I Will Be There For You My Child

Very often I come across many working mothers who find it really difficult to make a toddler understand why is mommy not around. So here are few tips which can be of help to make life easier for both, mommy & baby -


1. Give simple examples -  The best way of reasoning with a child is by giving examples. Explain to the child that just like he/she goes to school mom has to go to the office for work.


2. Be committed - Parenting is not a simple task and so is the professional life. Commitment is an essential key in both the spheres. Be there on time when you’ve committed to the child and give your 100% without any distraction. 

PS - keep away your cell phones


3. No substitution - Don’t substitute love or responsibility with toys.  By doing this you’ll set a wrong example for the child in the long run.


4. Don’t lie - Treat and talk to the child like he/she is a smart human being. Never lie to your child, explain the reason for your absence and tell them when you’ll be back.


5. Scheduling - Last and the most important thing  for a working mom is to follow the schedule. Plan your child’s day activities well in advance.


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